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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ivan wish to write the stories down on?
(a) Both of these.
(b) Parchment.
(c) Neither of these.
(d) Birch bark paper.

2. What looked merciful compared to what Baba Yaga inflicted upon those who opposed her?
(a) Torture.
(b) Crucifixion.
(c) Death by hanging.
(d) Beheading.

3. What does Katerina ask of her father?
(a) To instruct her as to what to do about Ivan's lack of desire for her.
(b) To give Ivan a chance.
(c) To make a man of Ivan.
(d) To help her get Ivan home.

4. What does Ivan think when he notices Father Lukas' contempt for the local Slavs?
(a) Slavs would inherit the earth.
(b) Slavs would be second only to the non-existent Americas.
(c) All of these.
(d) Slavs would put a man on the moon before the people of any other nation.

5. What does Bear tell Yaga to do?
(a) Take the kingdom.
(b) Neither of these.
(c) Both of these.
(d) Kill the girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is it that first brings to light Ivan's wearing of Katerina's hoose?

2. What did Katerina suspect that Ivan represented?

3. What did the woman say to Ivan?

4. What was a stupid thing to say as he departed from Ruth?

5. What happened to Esther that scared her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ivan realize is the death knell for Taina?

2. How did Ivan's relationship with his mother differ from his relationship with his father?

3. How does Ivan justify his wearing the princess' hoose?

4. What does rock and roll represent to Vanya's father?

5. What problem does Ivan come across when he tries to justify his impending marriage to Ruth to Katerina?

6. How did Katerina react when Ivan said the witch's name?

7. Why did Vanya finally decide to let the Mohel circumcise him?

8. What does Ivan need to do in order to go home?

9. How did Ivan solve the problem of the bear?

10. How did Ivan justify what he had seen and heard in the forest as a child?

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