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Baba Tila's Note

This was found outside a home in the Ukraine where a mother and son frequented as when the son was young.


Created to protect a son and daughter-in-law, these are often warn and guard against mishaps and hostile magic.

Ivan's Modern Clothing

This disappears when the main character crosses the bridge into 890 AD.


Described as a house on chicken legs, Yaga brought this back with her to Taina.

Molotov Cocktails

Utilized against the enemy, this weapon instilled fear and uncertainty in Dimitri and helped Ivan win the fort in the name of Katerina.


Utilizing knowledge of mineral deposits in the Carpathain mountains, these were created to fight the enemy and win control of Taina.


These appear when the princess is awakened, spanning the gap of centuries.

Round Meadow

The resting place of the Princess of Taina.

Cousin Marek's Farm

Built on the...

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