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Bear Collage

Create a collage of different bears that the reader thinks resemble the Bear from the book.

Artists Conception: Katerina

Create an image of Katerina utilizing at least two media sources.

Artist's Conception: Baba Yaga

Create an image of Baba Yaga utilizing at least 4 different media sources.

Tell Me a Story!

Create your own fairy tale utilizing traditional plot themes of existing fairy tales, but feel free to put your own spin on it.

Spell Bound!

Create your own Baba Yaga vanquishing spell through poetry.

The Future Adventures of....?

Choose one character (or more if for example choosing Ivan and Katerina, or their children) and create an adventure for them to all share that happens later in the timeline than Enchantment.

Smetski's Get a Pet-ski

Decide what pet would be best for the Smetski's, as well as a name that goes with the other characters in the...

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