Enchantment Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Ivan Smetski - An excellent athlete, this character overcame Bear to rescue a princess.

Katerina - Ethereally beautiful, this character is a trained leader of the people of Taina, and also was the victim of enchantment.

King Matfei - A wise and just ruler, this character is much beloved by the people of Taina, and has earned a following of loyal warriors.

Dimitri - This character became enthralled to Baba Yaga, and in the process, rendered his monarch speechless.

Sergei - Although born crippled, this character befriends a stranger in the kingdom of Taina and helps the stranger in the transcription of fairy tales and legends.

Father Lukas - Originally from Greece, this character studied under Kirill, the founder of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Baba Yaga - Known in many Russian fairy tales, this character was once known as Princess Olga.

Esther Smetski - Originally taught witchcraft for...

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