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Chapters 1-3

• Vanya finds out from his parents that his name is now Itzak Shlomo and that his family, although non-religious and originally Russian through and through are now converting to Judaism and leaving the country

• Vanya's father explains that he is changing their lives for him, to give Vanya a better chance at life and growing up in a free land

• Although the exit visas for the family are for them to depart to Israel, Vanya's father assures him that he won't get drafted into the Israeli military, which suggests to Vanya immediately that Israel is not where they are going

• A mohel shows up and the family explains that he is there to preform a circumcision, and Vanya runs away, taking solace in the action itself of running

• Vanya suspects that it was his mother initially that was the believer, and that his father only recently...

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