Empire of the Sun Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Jim's trip home from the Cathedral.

Jim's family has a chauffeur, Yang, who drives Jim home after the church service. The streets are crowded, and Yang uses his horn frequently to jostle his way among the rickshaws and other cars. He also uses a leather riding crop out his open window, lashing at pedestrians and beggar children who run alongside the car.

2. What is Jim's fascination with Vera's parents?

Vera's family escaped from Cracow on one of the last ships to leave Poland before Hitler's occupation. Her parents now live in a crowded Jewish tenement in Shanghai in an apartment Vera has said is one room the size of Jim's dressing room. Jim, whose family lives in a spacious home, finds it extremely difficult to imagine two people existing in a room so small.

3. Why did Jim quit the cubs?

Jim quit the cubs because he wanted to see what would happen if he committed that small act of rebellion, but his parents were surprisingly unmoved.

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