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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who sometimes takes Cindy to the cemetery?
(a) Father Tom
(b) David
(c) James Minty
(d) Miles

2. Who is Janine soon to marry?
(a) Walt Connor
(b) Walt Comeau
(c) Wayne Comeau
(d) Willaim Comeau

3. What recent injury does Miles have?
(a) Back strain
(b) Broken ankle
(c) Broken leg
(d) Cat scratch

4. Where had C.B. Whiting spent several years as an aspiring artist and poet?
(a) Costa Rica
(b) The Bahamas
(c) France
(d) Mexico

5. Who is the unpopular kid that the school principal pushes off on Tick?
(a) John Voss
(b) Mike MacKenzie
(c) John Vaughn
(d) Josh Vincent

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Miles think David grows at his house?

2. What is the wealthiest family in Empire Falls?

3. What has Miles agreed to paint for St. Catherine's Catholic Church?

4. What does Charlene say she wants to give to John Voss?

5. Who is Tick's art teacher?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Miles' good heart exhibited in the scene with a hungover Buster?

2. How does David want Miles to expand his business opportunities?

3. What inappropriate behavior does Jimmy reveal that makes Miles like him even less?

4. What does Father Mark represent in the story?

5. Name the three events of Part 3, Chapter 15 which foreshadow coming events for the plot.

6. Explain why Janine is obsessed with the number sixty as she sits at the football game.

7. How is Miles trying to improve the economy of Empire Falls?

8. Describe Max and what he represents in the town of Empire Falls.

9. How does Miles try to help John Voss.

10. What is the setting for the story?

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