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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Bea, "Walt Comeau had all too many suggestions for a man who drank seltzer and ____________________."
(a) ate all the beer nuts
(b) never left a tip
(c) a side of scotch
(d) never bought a round

2. Which of the following has Janine not done in the past three weeks?
(a) Gone to Los Angeles
(b) Got a divorce
(c) Got married
(d) Went on a honeymoon

3. What does Janine call to tell Miles?
(a) She has split up with Walt
(b) Walt is dead
(c) The Empire Grill burned down
(d) She has cancer

4. What is John Voss considered to be?
(a) Irredeemable
(b) Anti social
(c) A ward of the state
(d) A genius

5. What does Max tell Miles when he returns from a trip?
(a) They are moving to New Hampshire
(b) Miles is going to have a baby brother
(c) He has a new job and will not be traveling so much
(d) He and Miles' mother are divorcing

6. Who does Max say took Father Tom away from a Florida bar?
(a) CIA
(b) Local police
(c) FBI
(d) Vatican goons

7. What were John Voss' parents?
(a) Lawyers
(b) Politicians
(c) Professors
(d) Petty drug dealers

8. Who is the boy with whom Tick is having a cyber romance?
(a) Donnie
(b) Darren
(c) David
(d) Darryl

9. Why is Zack losing friends?
(a) He never pays for gas
(b) He never gives anybody a ride
(c) He intentionally injured the quarterback in the last game
(d) He steals other guys' girlfriends

10. Where have Miles and Tick spent the winter recuperating?
(a) Nantucket
(b) Bangor
(c) Martha's Vineyard
(d) Kennebunkport

11. It is clear that Grace loves Cindy more than ____________.
(a) Max
(b) Miles
(c) David
(d) Zack

12. What behavior has John Voss been seen exhibiting?
(a) Wearing sunglasses at night
(b) Torturing dogs
(c) Dressing in girls clothes
(d) Dance routines

13. Who is killed at the shooting at the school?
(a) Mrs. Whiting
(b) Principal Meyer
(c) Janine
(d) John Voss

14. What is a rumor buzzing around Empire Falls lately?
(a) The Superintendent of Schools is having an affair
(b) Someone may be interested in buying the old shirt factory
(c) The Chief of Police is resigning
(d) Mrs. Whiting is moving to Europe

15. What is Sunday afternoon called in Bea's bar?
(a) NBA Day
(b) NFL Day
(c) Fiesta Siesta Day
(d) Gridiron Greats Day

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in love with Bill Taylor?

2. What is Tick's art class assignment for this week?

3. Principal Meyer thinks that Zack is ___________________________.

4. Irene thinks that Father Tom is ____________.

5. With whom is Justin Dibble in love?

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