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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Bea's customers complain about?
(a) The warm beer
(b) The black and white TV
(c) The stale nuts
(d) The greasy burgers

2. Who is Irene Walsh?
(a) A waitress at the Empire Grill
(b) Miles' sister-in-law
(c) The housekeeper at St. Catherine's Church
(d) The head nurse at the hospital

3. For whom does Jimmy do strong-arm work?
(a) Janine
(b) Mrs. Whiting
(c) Miles
(d) Principal Meyer

4. Who is Irene scurrying about trying to find on this morning?
(a) Tick
(b) Father Mark
(c) Father Tom
(d) Miles

5. What is a rumor buzzing around Empire Falls lately?
(a) Mrs. Whiting is moving to Europe
(b) The Superintendent of Schools is having an affair
(c) The Chief of Police is resigning
(d) Someone may be interested in buying the old shirt factory

6. Who is Bill Taylor?
(a) The cable guy
(b) A TV artist
(c) A golf pro
(d) The chief of police

7. What does Max tell Miles when he returns from a trip?
(a) He has a new job and will not be traveling so much
(b) They are moving to New Hampshire
(c) Miles is going to have a baby brother
(d) He and Miles' mother are divorcing

8. What is Justin Dibble's nickname?
(a) Double Dibble
(b) Just in Case
(c) Just in Time
(d) Justin Dribble

9. It is clear that Grace loves Cindy more than ____________.
(a) Zack
(b) Miles
(c) Max
(d) David

10. What business closes in this year?
(a) Empire Textile
(b) Empire Technology
(c) Empire Tool and Die
(d) Empire Dry Cleaners

11. Which of the following has Janine not done in the past three weeks?
(a) Gone to Los Angeles
(b) Went on a honeymoon
(c) Got a divorce
(d) Got married

12. Where is Miles when Bill Daws summons him to the school?
(a) At home
(b) At the rectory
(c) The hospital
(d) The Empire Grill

13. What topic do Mrs. Whiting and Miles' mother speak of only once?
(a) David
(b) Divorce
(c) C.B. Whiting
(d) Illegitimate children

14. Principal Meyer thinks that Zack is ___________________________.
(a) a model student
(b) just like his father
(c) a genius
(d) untapped talent

15. What is Sunday afternoon called in Bea's bar?
(a) NBA Day
(b) Gridiron Greats Day
(c) Fiesta Siesta Day
(d) NFL Day

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the boy with whom Tick is having a cyber romance?

2. What type of flower does Tick paint in its current, not prime, condition?

3. What does Principal Meyer discover when he goes to John Voss' house?

4. Why are the students in Tick's art class feeling low?

5. Miles realizes that it is possible to be fond of someone and ___________________________.

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