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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sunday afternoon called in Bea's bar?
(a) Gridiron Greats Day
(b) NBA Day
(c) Fiesta Siesta Day
(d) NFL Day

2. What does Walt tell Bea she should buy for the bar?
(a) A new jukebox
(b) A wide-screen TV
(c) New pinball games
(d) Wireless Internet

3. What topic do Mrs. Whiting and Miles' mother speak of only once?
(a) Illegitimate children
(b) David
(c) Divorce
(d) C.B. Whiting

4. What is the name of Zack's sick game?
(a) Polish Peckerheads
(b) Polish Roulette
(c) Russian Roulette
(d) Romanian Roulette

5. Irene thinks that Father Tom is ____________.
(a) humble
(b) intelligent
(c) pious
(d) crazy

6. Where did authorities find Grandma Voss?
(a) In the Florida Keys
(b) In the cemetery
(c) In a landfill
(d) In Phoenix

7. What do Irene and Father Mark find that gives them a clue about Father Tom?
(a) A library card
(b) A Frequent Flier card
(c) A credit card application
(d) A Florida Keys brochure

8. It is clear that Grace loves Cindy more than ____________.
(a) Zack
(b) Max
(c) David
(d) Miles

9. Why are Miles and Tick going to Boston next weekend?
(a) A Van Gogh exhibit
(b) A Kenney Chesney concert
(c) Visit relatives
(d) Shopping for new clothes

10. Who does Miles learn has drowned in the river?
(a) Mrs. Whiting
(b) Janine
(c) Cindy
(d) Father Tom

11. What do Bea's customers complain about?
(a) The greasy burgers
(b) The warm beer
(c) The black and white TV
(d) The stale nuts

12. Where is John Voss at this point in time?
(a) Prison in Portland
(b) In foster care
(c) Transferred to a different school
(d) The mental hospital in Augusta

13. With whom is Justin Dibble in love?
(a) Candice
(b) Grace
(c) Cindy
(d) Tick

14. What does Max tell Miles when he returns from a trip?
(a) They are moving to New Hampshire
(b) He has a new job and will not be traveling so much
(c) He and Miles' mother are divorcing
(d) Miles is going to have a baby brother

15. What is Justin Dibble's nickname?
(a) Double Dibble
(b) Just in Case
(c) Justin Dribble
(d) Just in Time

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has become Tick's new friend?

2. What is Tick's art class assignment for this week?

3. What does the woman at the health club say her nephew will do with her when she dies?

4. Who is Irene Walsh?

5. Who does Janine pick up along the way to the Grill?

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