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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Irene thinks that Father Tom is ____________.
(a) pious
(b) crazy
(c) humble
(d) intelligent

2. During her employment, Miles' mother grows fond of _____________.
(a) cats
(b) Long weekends
(c) fine dining
(d) Cindy

3. Why are the students in Tick's art class feeling low?
(a) The football team lost the game
(b) Spring Break is cancelled
(c) The school bond didn't pass
(d) John Voss is gone

4. Where is Miles in the flashback in Part 4, Chapter 26?
(a) Nassau
(b) Martha's Vineyard
(c) Kennebunkport
(d) Portland

5. What activity were both Zack and John Voss involved in?
(a) Prom Decorating Committee
(b) The Homecoming Court
(c) Russian roulette
(d) Football practice

6. What were John Voss' parents?
(a) Lawyers
(b) Politicians
(c) Professors
(d) Petty drug dealers

7. At what table do Tick and John Voss sit every day?
(a) The long table
(b) The circular table
(c) The Blue table
(d) The Red table

8. No one has heard from John Voss since _________________________.
(a) he went to Boston for the weekend
(b) the night his grandmother's body was discovered
(c) Principal Meyer gave him detention
(d) he flunked the algebra test

9. What is the title of Father Mark's sermon?
(a) When God Retreats
(b) When God Takes a Vacation
(c) Digital Deity
(d) God Unplugged

10. Which of the following does not describe Walt?
(a) Refusing to grow old gracefully
(b) Getting his Master's Degree
(c) Losing all his money
(d) Becoming impotent

11. What type of flower does Tick paint in its current, not prime, condition?
(a) A rose
(b) A peony
(c) A daffodil
(d) A daisy

12. Miles realizes that it is possible to be fond of someone and ___________________________.
(a) not want him around
(b) also love him
(c) hate him sometimes
(d) still not forgive him

13. Miles works at the Empire Grill in exchange for _____________________________.
(a) a car
(b) a measly paycheck
(c) Mrs. Whiting paying his mother's medical bills
(d) an internship

14. Irene has no tolerance for ____________________.
(a) tomatoes
(b) bigotry
(c) bad manners
(d) contemplation

15. Where are Miles and his mother as Part 3, Chapter 19 begins?
(a) The bus station
(b) The mall
(c) The beach
(d) At church

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has the person in #129 tried to find Miles?

2. Where does Jimmy Minty's wife take Zack to live after their divorce?

3. What is Sunday afternoon called in Bea's bar?

4. Who does Janine pick up along the way to the Grill?

5. Which of the following has Janine not done in the past three weeks?

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