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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Bea's customers complain about?
(a) The stale nuts
(b) The greasy burgers
(c) The warm beer
(d) The black and white TV

2. Who does Janine go to see for some nurturing?
(a) Bea
(b) Tick
(c) Miles
(d) Grace

3. Principal Meyer thinks that Zack is ___________________________.
(a) a model student
(b) a genius
(c) untapped talent
(d) just like his father

4. Which of the following does not describe Walt?
(a) Becoming impotent
(b) Getting his Master's Degree
(c) Refusing to grow old gracefully
(d) Losing all his money

5. What does the woman at the health club say her nephew will do with her when she dies?
(a) Send her ashes into space
(b) Have her cremated
(c) Bury her as far away as possible
(d) Sling her over his shoulder and take her to the dump

6. What is the name of Zack's sick game?
(a) Romanian Roulette
(b) Polish Roulette
(c) Polish Peckerheads
(d) Russian Roulette

7. What does Janine call to tell Miles?
(a) The Empire Grill burned down
(b) Walt is dead
(c) She has cancer
(d) She has split up with Walt

8. With what is Tick attempting to defend herself when Miles sees her at the school?
(a) T-square
(b) Exacto knife
(c) Ball bat
(d) Bunsen burner

9. Where does Miles' mother take him after missing church for several weeks?
(a) Mass
(b) Confession
(c) The stations of the cross
(d) A novena

10. For whom does Miles' mother work after she loses her job?
(a) Pills n Such drugstore
(b) The hospital
(c) Mrs. Whiting
(d) Wal-Mart

11. Where is John Voss at this point in time?
(a) In foster care
(b) Transferred to a different school
(c) Prison in Portland
(d) The mental hospital in Augusta

12. According to Father Mark, with what church is St. Catherine's going to merge?
(a) St. Mary's Church
(b) St. Bernadette's Parish
(c) The Assumption Church
(d) Sacre Couer

13. What happens a couple weeks after Miles and his mother return from Martha's Vineyard?
(a) Miles enters the fourth grade
(b) Miles has a parasite
(c) Miles' mother divorces Miles' father
(d) It is announced that C.B. Whiting is going to Mexico

14. What do Irene and Father Mark find that gives them a clue about Father Tom?
(a) A library card
(b) A Florida Keys brochure
(c) A Frequent Flier card
(d) A credit card application

15. What does Walt tell Bea she should buy for the bar?
(a) Wireless Internet
(b) New pinball games
(c) A wide-screen TV
(d) A new jukebox

Short Answer Questions

1. No one has heard from John Voss since _________________________.

2. What is the possibility of Miles' parentage?

3. What does John tell Principal Meyer about his grandmother?

4. Where did Miles go to college?

5. What is Tick's art class assignment for this week?

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