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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Into whose custody had John Voss been released?
(a) A foster home
(b) His grandmother's
(c) Principal Meyer
(d) His adoptive parents

2. Who is killed at the shooting at the school?
(a) Mrs. Whiting
(b) Principal Meyer
(c) Janine
(d) John Voss

3. At what table do Tick and John Voss sit every day?
(a) The long table
(b) The circular table
(c) The Red table
(d) The Blue table

4. According to Bea, "Walt Comeau had all too many suggestions for a man who drank seltzer and ____________________."
(a) ate all the beer nuts
(b) a side of scotch
(c) never left a tip
(d) never bought a round

5. What does Principal Meyer discover when he goes to John Voss' house?
(a) All the doors and windows are wide open
(b) The grandmother is dead
(c) The grandmother is injured on the floor
(d) There is no grandmother

6. What does Janine call to tell Miles?
(a) The Empire Grill burned down
(b) Walt is dead
(c) She has cancer
(d) She has split up with Walt

7. Where is Miles in the flashback in Part 4, Chapter 26?
(a) Martha's Vineyard
(b) Nassau
(c) Kennebunkport
(d) Portland

8. Which of the following has Janine not done in the past three weeks?
(a) Went on a honeymoon
(b) Got married
(c) Gone to Los Angeles
(d) Got a divorce

9. Why has Miles come into Bea's today?
(a) To watch football
(b) To escape boredom
(c) To offer her a proposal
(d) To get drunk

10. No one has heard from John Voss since _________________________.
(a) he flunked the algebra test
(b) Principal Meyer gave him detention
(c) the night his grandmother's body was discovered
(d) he went to Boston for the weekend

11. Where are Miles and his mother as Part 3, Chapter 19 begins?
(a) The bus station
(b) The mall
(c) At church
(d) The beach

12. Where did authorities find Grandma Voss?
(a) In Phoenix
(b) In the Florida Keys
(c) In a landfill
(d) In the cemetery

13. Who does Janine pick up along the way to the Grill?
(a) Tick
(b) Zack
(c) Father Mark
(d) John

14. What does John tell Principal Meyer about his grandmother?
(a) She is blind
(b) She never gets out of bed
(c) She is dead
(d) She is hard of hearing

15. What is a rumor buzzing around Empire Falls lately?
(a) The Chief of Police is resigning
(b) Someone may be interested in buying the old shirt factory
(c) The Superintendent of Schools is having an affair
(d) Mrs. Whiting is moving to Europe

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in love with Bill Taylor?

2. What does John Voss bring into school?

3. What is the title of Father Mark's sermon?

4. For whom does Jimmy do strong-arm work?

5. What is stuck in Janine's car as she tries to drive away from Tick?

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