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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Miles works at the Empire Grill in exchange for _____________________________.
(a) Mrs. Whiting paying his mother's medical bills
(b) a car
(c) a measly paycheck
(d) an internship

2. What is Mrs. Roderigue doing when Miles sees her at the school?
(a) Lying dead in a pool of blood
(b) Sketching
(c) Making a flower arrangement
(d) Teaching class

3. Who is sending the anonymous notes to Principal Meyer?
(a) Janine
(b) Tick
(c) Max
(d) Zack

4. Who does Janine go to see for some nurturing?
(a) Tick
(b) Grace
(c) Miles
(d) Bea

5. Why has Miles come into Bea's today?
(a) To escape boredom
(b) To offer her a proposal
(c) To watch football
(d) To get drunk

6. What disappointing news does Janine learn about Walt?
(a) He has three children
(b) He wants an annullment
(c) He is broke
(d) He has cancer

7. What were John Voss' parents?
(a) Professors
(b) Politicians
(c) Lawyers
(d) Petty drug dealers

8. Who is killed at the shooting at the school?
(a) Principal Meyer
(b) Mrs. Whiting
(c) Janine
(d) John Voss

9. In what year of school is Miles in the flashback in Part 3, Chapter 22?
(a) Freshman
(b) Sophomore
(c) Junior
(d) Senior

10. Who does Miles discover to be Charlene's lover?
(a) James
(b) David
(c) John
(d) Zack

11. Where did John Voss' parents put him as an infant so they could party?
(a) In a playpen
(b) In a locked bedroom
(c) In a laundry sack hanging in the closet
(d) At the neighbors' house

12. What happens a couple weeks after Miles and his mother return from Martha's Vineyard?
(a) Miles has a parasite
(b) Miles enters the fourth grade
(c) It is announced that C.B. Whiting is going to Mexico
(d) Miles' mother divorces Miles' father

13. Where did authorities find Grandma Voss?
(a) In Phoenix
(b) In the cemetery
(c) In a landfill
(d) In the Florida Keys

14. Where are Miles and his mother as Part 3, Chapter 19 begins?
(a) The bus station
(b) The mall
(c) At church
(d) The beach

15. What is Justin Dibble's nickname?
(a) Double Dibble
(b) Just in Case
(c) Just in Time
(d) Justin Dribble

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the title of Father Mark's sermon?

2. What is Tick's art class assignment for this week?

3. Why are Miles and Tick going to Boston next weekend?

4. Who has become Tick's new friend?

5. Who does Max say took Father Tom away from a Florida bar?

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