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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Miles realizes that it is possible to be fond of someone and ___________________________.
(a) not want him around
(b) also love him
(c) still not forgive him
(d) hate him sometimes

2. Who had thrown himself in front of Tick to save her from John Voss' bullets?
(a) Justin
(b) Principal Meyer
(c) Zack
(d) Candice

3. What has one of the teachers at the high school done?
(a) Quit without notice
(b) Started a book group
(c) Severely beaten his wife
(d) Got his Master's Degree

4. What does John tell Principal Meyer about his grandmother?
(a) She is dead
(b) She is blind
(c) She is hard of hearing
(d) She never gets out of bed

5. What is the title of Father Mark's sermon?
(a) When God Takes a Vacation
(b) When God Retreats
(c) God Unplugged
(d) Digital Deity

6. Irene has no tolerance for ____________________.
(a) bad manners
(b) bigotry
(c) tomatoes
(d) contemplation

7. Who does Miles learn has drowned in the river?
(a) Father Tom
(b) Cindy
(c) Janine
(d) Mrs. Whiting

8. According to Father Mark, with what church is St. Catherine's going to merge?
(a) The Assumption Church
(b) Sacre Couer
(c) St. Mary's Church
(d) St. Bernadette's Parish

9. Who is killed at the shooting at the school?
(a) Principal Meyer
(b) Janine
(c) Mrs. Whiting
(d) John Voss

10. Why has the person in #129 tried to find Miles?
(a) To bribe him to marry her daughter
(b) To convince him to reconcile with his father
(c) To tell him that his mother is dying of cancer
(d) To offer him a job after college

11. Where is Miles when Bill Daws summons him to the school?
(a) At the rectory
(b) The Empire Grill
(c) The hospital
(d) At home

12. What do the anonymous notes say?
(a) "I saw what you did last weekend."
(b) "Do you know where your children are?"
(c) "You're such an asshole."
(d) "Where is John Voss' Grandmother?"

13. What does Miles tell Bea about Janine?
(a) She has taken Tick out of state
(b) She has been in an accident
(c) She is going to stop in later
(d) He thinks she is having second thoughts

14. Where is John Voss at this point in time?
(a) Transferred to a different school
(b) In foster care
(c) Prison in Portland
(d) The mental hospital in Augusta

15. What business closes in this year?
(a) Empire Technology
(b) Empire Textile
(c) Empire Dry Cleaners
(d) Empire Tool and Die

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Bill Taylor?

2. What is Tick's art class assignment for this week?

3. Where is Miles in the flashback in Part 4, Chapter 26?

4. Who does Janine go to see for some nurturing?

5. What topic do Mrs. Whiting and Miles' mother speak of only once?

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