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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Max tell Miles when he returns from a trip?
(a) He has a new job and will not be traveling so much
(b) He and Miles' mother are divorcing
(c) Miles is going to have a baby brother
(d) They are moving to New Hampshire

2. Where are Zack and Justin parked?
(a) At Pizza Hut
(b) At the Empire Grill
(c) In front of John Voss' house
(d) At the football field

3. Who is the older priest at St. Catherine's Catholic Church?
(a) Father Tom
(b) Father William
(c) Father Milton
(d) Father Charles

4. What type of childhood did Jimmy Minty have?
(a) Storybook
(b) Abusive
(c) Average
(d) Dysfunctional

5. What does Zack break in the cafeteria?
(a) A chair
(b) His plate
(c) A tray of glasses
(d) A soda machine

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Miles find asleep at the counter of the Grill in Part 3, Chapter 18?

2. Why is Max not allowed in the rectory?

3. With whom does John Voss say he lives?

4. Jimmy's father teaches him that all things are determined by an elite group who _________________________________.

5. With whom do Cindy and Miles have a conversation at the game?

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