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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Bea Majeski?
(a) Janine's hair stylist
(b) Tick's art teacher
(c) Candice's sister
(d) Miles' mother-in-law

2. What does Jimmy think about as he sits in front of the Empire Grill?
(a) Drinking a beer
(b) Getting a new job
(c) Beating Miles to a pulp
(d) Going out with Charlene

3. What does Janine call Miles?
(a) The Human Rut
(b) God's Gift to Women
(c) The Last Chance
(d) The Human Stain

4. What is Sunday afternoon called in Bea's bar?
(a) Fiesta Siesta Day
(b) NFL Day
(c) Gridiron Greats Day
(d) NBA Day

5. According to Bea, "Walt Comeau had all too many suggestions for a man who drank seltzer and ____________________."
(a) a side of scotch
(b) never left a tip
(c) ate all the beer nuts
(d) never bought a round

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Miles doing in the flashback of Part 2, Chapter 14?

2. The idea that Miles should be kicked out of driver's education until he learns to drive is _________________.

3. What do Bea's customers complain about?

4. What does Miles tell Bea about Janine?

5. What kind of animal does Max see in the cemetery?

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