Objects & Places from Empire Falls

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Object Descriptions

A Dead Moose - The carcass washes ashore and is trapped in an eddy at the building site of the Hacienda.

The Rectory at St. Catherine's - Miles and Father Mark call this The Rectum, a nickname growing out of youthful Miles' inability to distinguish between the two words.

St. Catherine's Steeple - Miles never manages to build up enough courage to paint this, a symbol of a fear he has developed in adulthood to risk new ventures.

The Thirsty Whale - An inexpensive restaurant on Martha's Vineyard where Grace takes Miles and introduces him to steamed clams to which he quickly becomes addicted.

The Cock of the Walk - This is an expensive restaurant on Martha's Vineyard, where Mr. Mayne makes steamed clams appear even though they are not on the menu.

The Gazebo at the Hacienda Site - This is the site where the dead...

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