Empire Falls Character Descriptions

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C.B. Whiting

Fourth generation male heir to the Whiting fortune, this character is ill suited to assume a leadership role in the essential ownership of the inland Maine town of Empire Falls.

Francine Whiting

Her maiden name was Robideaux, and the blighted area that C.B. purchased and blasted into non-existence belonged to her family and was known by the locals as The Robideaux blight.

Miles Roby

He is the central contemporary character and, for the most part, a naive observer of the demise of Empire Falls from its position as a hearty industrial town with a vibrant workforce, to a worn out shell of its former self, to the first stages of gentrified urban blight.


He is a smart, talented teenager who has trouble fitting into the strict social hierarchy of Empire Falls High School, which is a composite of small-town high schools throughout the...

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