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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which literary term describes the structure of the first three forest scenes?
(a) Catharses.
(b) Dialogues.
(c) Monologues.
(d) Vignettes.

2. What do the natives mistakenly think about Emperor Jones?
(a) He is a runaway felon.
(b) He has mysterious powers.
(c) He is a murderer.
(d) He is a god.

3. How has Emperor Jones changed in the first four scenes?
(a) He has more power to deal with things.
(b) He is more and more imperial in his status.
(c) He is wiser and more thoughtful about his responsibilities.
(d) He has lost his confidence and his regal bearing.

4. What is the first thing Emperor Jones asks Smithers?
(a) Who the old woman's children are.
(b) What did he do wrong.
(c) Where everyone is.
(d) Why white men are always in charge.

5. What appears to Emperor Jones in the first scene in the forest?
(a) Native soldiers.
(b) His memory of a slave auction.
(c) The witch doctor.
(d) Black formless fears.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the omnipresence of the tom-tom drumming tell us about Emperor Jones' state of mind?

2. What are the figures carrying who Emperor Jones sees in the third forest scene?

3. Emperor Jones sees a group of figures in Act 1, Scene 4. What does he say to their leader?

4. What provision has Emperor Jones made in case of uprising?

5. When does Emperor Jones notice the tom-tom?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Emperor Jones' state of mind at the beginning of the third forest scene.

2. In what way is the routine of the palace out of the ordinary as the play begins?

3. What is the significance of Emperor Jones' clothing in the fifth forest scene?

4. List two interpretations of Jones' vision in the fourth forest scene.

5. What happens between the prison guard and Emperor Jones?

6. Why was Emperor Jones foolish to fire his gun at the formless fears?

7. What effect does Emperor Jones create by stripping off his clothes?

8. What does Emperor Jones do when he sees Jeff?

9. What does Emperor Jones see in the fifth forest scene?

10. Explain how Emperor Jones attained his authority over the natives.

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