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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of the people Emperor Jones sees in his vision in Act 1, Scene 4, one is in charge. What does he carry?
(a) A pick.
(b) A whip.
(c) Dice.
(d) A shovel.

2. How do Emperor Jones and Smithers keep each other in their respective roles?
(a) They agree to share power.
(b) They kill each other's enemies.
(c) They know secrets about each other.
(d) They plot together against the medicine man.

3. What happens when Emperor Jones first fires his gun in the forest?
(a) The tom-tom stops.
(b) The tom-tom gets louder and closer.
(c) He kills a crocodile.
(d) He kills one of the native leaders.

4. How does Smithers say that Emperor Jones came into his position?
(a) An election.
(b) A power-sharing deal.
(c) A silver bullet.
(d) A military coup.

5. What provision has Emperor Jones made in case of uprising?
(a) He stockpiled weapons in the palace.
(b) He trained an elite security force.
(c) He put Smithers in charge of security.
(d) He buried food in the forest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Emperor Jones hear in the forest?

2. How has Emperor Jones' appearance changed since the scene with the black figures?

3. How does Emperor Jones feel when he is orienting himself in the forest?

4. What does Emperor Jones lose in the forest?

5. How has Emperor Jones helped Smithers?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Emperor Jones' experience in the second scene echo his experience in America?

2. What is Smithers' relationship to Emperor Jones?

3. Describe the apparition Emperor Jones sees in the sixth forest scene.

4. What effect does Emperor Jones create by stripping off his clothes?

5. Describe Jeff's appearance in the second forest scene.

6. How does the tom-tom drumming change during the course of the fourth forest scene?

7. What happens at the beginning of the second forest scene to ease Emperor Jones' fears?

8. What does the figure in the sixth forest scene's apparition communicate to Emperor Jones?

9. Describe the setting when the second scene begins.

10. How well prepared is Emperor Jones for the experience of fleeing the palace?

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