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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of gun does Emperor Jones carry?
(a) Hunting rifle.
(b) Submachine gun.
(c) Long-barreled revolver.
(d) AK-47.

2. Of the people Emperor Jones sees in his vision in Act 1, Scene 4, one is in charge. What does he carry?
(a) Dice.
(b) A pick.
(c) A shovel.
(d) A whip.

3. How has the beat of the tom-tom changed when the second forest scene opens?
(a) It is closer than before, but it is subdued.
(b) It has been joined by other drums.
(c) It is louder and closer than before.
(d) It is quieter, but it plays an angry rhythm.

4. What appears to Emperor Jones in the first scene in the forest?
(a) Native soldiers.
(b) Black formless fears.
(c) The witch doctor.
(d) His memory of a slave auction.

5. What color is Jones' uniform?
(a) Blue with gold chevrons.
(b) Black with gold stripes.
(c) Light blue with a red stripe.
(d) White with gold chevrons.

6. Which literary term defines Jeff's apparition?
(a) Parody.
(b) Personification.
(c) Dream vision.
(d) Psychomachy.

7. Emperor Jones sees figures in the forest. What do they seem to know?
(a) When Jones will die.
(b) What the tom-tom means.
(c) Where Jones' food is.
(d) Where the natives are gathering.

8. How does Emperor Jones' flight recall his time in America?
(a) He was always on the run from his wife and family.
(b) He did not have the resources he needed then, either.
(c) He lived in the forest there as well.
(d) He was always traveling as a salesman.

9. Which literary style describes the scenes in which Emperor Jones sees apparitions?
(a) Naturalism.
(b) Magic realism.
(c) Realism.
(d) Allegory.

10. What literary term describes Emperor Jones' language when he shoots at the apparition?
(a) Exclamation.
(b) Declaration.
(c) Interrogation.
(d) Inquiry.

11. Emperor Jones sees a group of figures in Act 1, Scene 4. Which literary term describes Emperor Jones' speech to the figures he sees?
(a) Apostrophe.
(b) Soliloquy.
(c) Dialogue.
(d) Interrogation.

12. What is the setting where the play begins?
(a) In the interior of a palace.
(b) In a Pullman car.
(c) In an American slave auction.
(d) In the forest.

13. What is the basis for Smithers' authority in the palace?
(a) He is the emperor.
(b) He is a medicine man.
(c) He is the emperor's right hand man.
(d) He is a white man.

14. What are the figures carrying who Emperor Jones sees in the third forest scene?
(a) Guns and shields.
(b) Bows and arrows.
(c) Picks and shovels.
(d) Bodies.

15. Emperor Jones sees a group of figures in Act 1, Scene 4. What happens when Emperor Jones shoots at the leader?
(a) The apparition disappears.
(b) Smithers brings him food.
(c) Jeff returns on the side of the stage.
(d) The natives find him and chase him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Smithers talk to the old woman about in the first scene?

2. What does Emperor Jones do to make Jeff disappear?

3. Where does Emperor Jones go at the end of this first scene outside the palace?

4. Which literary term describes Emperor Jones' vision of Jeff?

5. How does Emperor Jones feel after he has seen the black figures?

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