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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which literary device is employed in this first forest scene?
(a) Onomatopoeia.
(b) Elegy.
(c) Literal meaning.
(d) Personification.

2. The allegorical appearance of figures can also be described as what literary device?
(a) Realism.
(b) Dream vision.
(c) Symbolism.
(d) Vision quest.

3. What happens when Emperor Jones rings for the servants?
(a) They come and shoot him.
(b) They begin to drum in the forest.
(c) No one comes.
(d) They all come running.

4. Which statement describes the eyes of the figures whom Emperor Jones sees in the first forest scene?
(a) They are blind.
(b) They glow.
(c) They are deformed.
(d) They are angry.

5. What does the omnipresence of the tom-tom drumming tell us about Emperor Jones' state of mind?
(a) That he cannot escape from this situation.
(b) That he will no longer swindle the natives.
(c) That he is dreaming all of this.
(d) That he is a passive participant in his life now.

6. How does Emperor Jones feel in the moments before he first sees the black figures in Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) Relieved.
(b) Fatigued.
(c) Free.
(d) Terrified.

7. What is the throne in the palace made of?
(a) Uncut wood.
(b) Precious metals and stones.
(c) Ivory.
(d) Pearls and jewels.

8. What appears to Emperor Jones in the first scene in the forest?
(a) Black formless fears.
(b) Native soldiers.
(c) The witch doctor.
(d) His memory of a slave auction.

9. How has Emperor Jones helped Smithers?
(a) By installing him as Emperor.
(b) By freeing him from jail.
(c) By hiring him.
(d) By killing the man who was cheating Smithers.

10. What does Emperor Jones tell himself at the beginning of the third forest scene?
(a) That he is going to die.
(b) That he will go back and kill Jeff.
(c) That he has not seen any ghosts.
(d) That he is dreaming.

11. How do Emperor Jones and Smithers keep each other in their respective roles?
(a) They agree to share power.
(b) They plot together against the medicine man.
(c) They know secrets about each other.
(d) They kill each other's enemies.

12. How long does Jones think he has been walking at the beginning of the second forest scene?
(a) Hours.
(b) Years.
(c) All night.
(d) Half a day.

13. What happens to lift Emperor Jones' spirits at the beginning of the second forest scene?
(a) One of the natives leads Jones through the forest.
(b) Smithers shows up with a torch.
(c) The moonlight makes it easier to see.
(d) He finds the food he had hidden.

14. Who tried but failed to kill Emperor Jones?
(a) Lem.
(b) Smithers.
(c) The witch doctor.
(d) Jeff.

15. Which term describes how Emperor Jones speaks after he leaves the palace?
(a) Soliloquy.
(b) Dialogue.
(c) Phillipic.
(d) Monologue.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the tom-tom drumming change at the end of the second forest scene?

2. What provision has Emperor Jones made in case of uprising?

3. How much light is there in the scene where Emperor Jones sees the formless black figures?

4. Where does the third forest scene begin?

5. What are the figures carrying who Emperor Jones sees in the third forest scene?

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