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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which statement describes the eyes of the figures whom Emperor Jones sees in the first forest scene?
(a) They are angry.
(b) They are blind.
(c) They glow.
(d) They are deformed.

2. How well has Emperor Jones prepared for his flight from the palace?
(a) He has hidden the supplies that will get him to safety.
(b) He has more than enough supplies to get him to safety.
(c) He underestimated what he would need.
(d) He knows where to find what he needs in the forest.

3. Why does Emperor Jones head for the forest at the end of the first scene?
(a) To distance himself from his own authority.
(b) To confront the natives.
(c) To avoid conflict with the natives.
(d) To outflank the natives.

4. What does Emperor Jones hear in the forest?
(a) Laughing ghosts.
(b) Whispering natives.
(c) Gunshots.
(d) A tom-tom drum.

5. Where does Emperor Jones look for the food he buried?
(a) Under a white rock.
(b) In a cave.
(c) In a clearing.
(d) In the hollow of a tree.

6. Who is the first character to appear on stage?
(a) Emperor Jones.
(b) An old woman.
(c) Smithers.
(d) Lem.

7. How far away was Emperor Jones' would-be assassin when the gun misfired?
(a) 10 feet.
(b) Point blank.
(c) 5 feet.
(d) 20 feet.

8. What does Jeff say when Emperor Jones speaks to him?
(a) He vows revenge.
(b) He does not respond.
(c) He predicts Jones' death.
(d) He accuses Jones of killing him.

9. How much light is there in the scene where Emperor Jones sees the formless black figures?
(a) The faint light of dawn lights the stage.
(b) Very little--the moon has not yet risen.
(c) A full moon lights the stage.
(d) The scene is lit fully by the daytime sun.

10. How does Emperor Jones' flight recall his time in America?
(a) He lived in the forest there as well.
(b) He was always traveling as a salesman.
(c) He was always on the run from his wife and family.
(d) He did not have the resources he needed then, either.

11. How does the tom-tom drumming change at the end of the second forest scene?
(a) It fades to quiet.
(b) It gets angrier.
(c) It gets further away.
(d) It gets faster and closer.

12. What is the basis for Smithers' authority in the palace?
(a) He is a white man.
(b) He is a medicine man.
(c) He is the emperor.
(d) He is the emperor's right hand man.

13. What does Emperor Jones lose in the forest?
(a) His memory.
(b) His past.
(c) His gun.
(d) His bearings.

14. Who gestures to Emperor Jones to join the figures in the apparition?
(a) The witch doctor.
(b) Smithers.
(c) One of the prisoners.
(d) The guard.

15. What does this third apparition tell us about Jones' past?
(a) That he remembers spending time on a chain gang.
(b) That he was once a prison guard.
(c) That he has had hallucinations in the past.
(d) That he was wrongly imprisoned.

Short Answer Questions

1. How has the beat of the tom-tom changed when the second forest scene opens?

2. What atmosphere does the tom-tom drumming create?

3. Which literary term defines Jeff's apparition?

4. What does the omnipresence of the tom-tom drumming tell us about Emperor Jones' state of mind?

5. Emperor Jones sees a group of figures in Act 1, Scene 4. What does he say to their leader?

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