Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

Daniel Goleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Alexithymics may suffer from a disconnection between the limbic system and what?
(a) The olfactory lobe.
(b) The left pre-frontal lobe.
(c) The neocortex.
(d) The brainstem.

2. What component of the brain remembers facts and context?
(a) The amygdala.
(b) The neocortex.
(c) The olfactory lobe.
(d) The hippocampus.

3. What psychologist states that psychopaths may lack compassion and empathy for others because they themselves do not feel fear and cannot anticipate consequences in Part Two: Chapter 7, “The Roots of Empathy”?
(a) C. R. Snyder.
(b) Robert Hare.
(c) T. Berry Brazelton.
(d) Ted Huston.

4. What psychologist discovered that the immune system is not separate from the brain, but connected to it through the part of the brain that regulates emotion?
(a) Ted Huston.
(b) Walter Mischel.
(c) Robert Ader.
(d) Robert Levenson.

5. What surrounds the brain stem like a ring providing improved tools for survival such as learning and memory?
(a) The limbic system.
(b) The neocortex.
(c) The amygdala.
(d) The olfactory lobe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jerome Kagan found four temperamental types that have different patterns of brain activity. What is the fourth described in Part Four: Chapter 14, “Temperament Is Not Destiny”?

2. Corporate consultant and psychoanalyst Harry Levinson advises managers on how to coach employees. What is the first piece of advice he gives?

3. Dr. Judith Lewis Herman discovered three vital stages for retraining the brain of people suffering from PTSD. What is the first stage discussed in Part Four: Chapter 13, “Trauma and Emotional Relearning”?

4. What percentage or more of an emotional message is communicated non-verbally?

5. At what institution does psychologist Bruce McEven work?

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