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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is this person angry with Mr. George Knightley?

2. What does Mrs. Elton constantly compare Highbury to?

3. What is Mr. John Knightley's response to Emma's engagement?

4. What number of guests does Emma try to keep her party to in order to appease her father?

5. Who is Emma afraid will not approve of Mr. George Knightley's solution to their problem?

Short Essay Questions

1. What secret is revealed to Emma by Mrs. Weston?

2. Who has gotten married? What does Emma think of this match?

3. How does Miss Fairfax react to Emma's attempts to apologize for her past behavior?

4. Who does Emma decide to match Harriet with next?

5. Why does Mr. Knightley continue to dislike Mr. Churchill?

6. Why does Emma decide to throw a dinner party? Why does Emma insist on keeping the guest list down to eight names?

7. Who makes a nuisance of herself at Emma's dinner party? Why?

8. What prompts the Westons to return to their plans to throw a ball?

9. Who interferes with Emma's attempt to make amends with Miss Fairfax?

10. Who does Emma learn has passed away?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss character growth. What is character growth? Which characters in this novel show character growth? What has contributed to this character growth? Is character growth a positive change for these characters? Explain. How might the plot be affected if this growth had not occurred? Who shows the most growth? Why?

Essay Topic 2

What is meant by the term old maid? Who is an old maid in this novel? Was this a choice for this character? Why does Emma insist that she will not be an old maid even if she never marries? How does this reflect Emma's opinion of social status? What else does this opinion reveal about Emma's character? Is being an old maid a bad thing? Can an old maid ever get married? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Who is Harriet? How do Harriet and Emma become friends? Who are Harriet's parents? Are their identity important to Harriet? Why or why not? Who does Harriet fall in love with? Why does Harriet go along with Emma's scheme to match Harriet to Mr. Elton? Does Harriet love Mr. Elton? Why does Harriet come to believe no man will ever love her? Whose fault is this? Does Harriet ever find love? How?

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