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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Emma believe the theme of the riddle is?

2. Why was Miss Churchill, first wife of Mr. Weston, disowned by her family?

3. How does Emma feel about Mr. Churchill's departure?

4. Who does Emma believe the donor of the pianoforte is?

5. What time limit does Emma place on Harriet's visit to Abbey Mill?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Mr. John Knightley believe is in love with Emma?

2. What change has occurred in the Woodhouse home recently?

3. How does Mr. Elton react when he learns Harriet cannot attend a party due to a sore throat?

4. Why does Mr. Churchill abruptly leave Highbury? How does this make Emma feel?

5. What caused Mr. Weston's first marriage to be an unhappy one?

6. Who does Emma believe the anonymous benefactor of a pianoforte for Miss Fairfax is?

7. What did Mr. Knightley give the Bateses that causes Emma's curiosity to be aroused?

8. What subject does Miss Fairfax refuse to elaborate on with Emma?

9. What does Mr. Churchill do that causes Emma to rethink her opinion of him? How does it affect Mr. Knightley's opinion of Mr. Churchill?

10. Who is the intended recipient of the riddle Mr. Elton leaves at Emma's home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss matchmaking. Who is the matchmaker in this novel? How does this person go about matching people together? Do these schemes work? How does this person know who to match and how they feel about one another? Is their more than one matchmaker in the novel? Is so, who is the other matchmaker? How is this person's matchmaking different from the other character's matchmaking? Who is more successful? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Mr. Woodhouse? Why does Mr. Woodhouse worry about the foods he eats and his overall health? Is Mr. Woodhouse mentally disturbed, or are his opinions based on something else? Why does Mr. Woodhouse's son-in-law have no patience for Mr. Woodhouse's quirks? How does this cause tension between the two men? Why does Mr. Woodhouse not approve of Emma's engagement? Why does he change his mind?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss character growth. What is character growth? Which characters in this novel show character growth? What has contributed to this character growth? Is character growth a positive change for these characters? Explain. How might the plot be affected if this growth had not occurred? Who shows the most growth? Why?

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