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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What riddle does Mr. Churchill make for Miss Fairfax that makes her angry?
(a) The phrase old maid.
(b) The name Dixon.
(c) The name Emma.
(d) The word governess.

2. What number of guests does Emma try to keep her party to in order to appease her father?
(a) Nine.
(b) Ten.
(c) Twenty.
(d) Eight.

3. Why does Harriet announce she never plans to marry?
(a) Harriet feels she will only love Mr. Elton.
(b) Harriet wants to be just like Emma.
(c) Harriet is tired of attempting to seduce men.
(d) Harriet feels she is not worthy of a good man.

4. How does Emma feel when she sees Mr. Churchill and Miss Fairfax?
(a) Emma is cordial, but not happy.
(b) Emma forgives them.
(c) Emma is angry and leaves immediately.
(d) Emma refuses to attend their wedding.

5. Who is Emma's next target in her matchmaking attempts on Harriet's behalf?
(a) Mr. Elton.
(b) Mr. Martin.
(c) Mr. Churchill.
(d) Mr. George Knightley.

6. What does Emma question Mr. Knightley about as they discuss Miss Fairfax's new friendship?
(a) Whether Mr. Knightley is in love with Miss Fairfax.
(b) If Mr. Knightley knows who the donor of the pianoforte is.
(c) Whether Mr. Knightley is in love with Miss Bates.
(d) If Mr. Knightley knows who Miss Fairfax is in love with.

7. Who does Harriet's father turn out to be?
(a) A vicar.
(b) A wealthy tradesman.
(c) A blacksmith.
(d) A farmer.

8. Why is Emma glad Harriet does not want to see her?
(a) Because she does not like her anymore.
(b) Because she can continue to put off telling her about her engagement to Mr. George Knightley.
(c) Because she is eager to stay away from such a depressing person.
(d) Because she hopes this means Harriet has met a man.

9. Who interrupts this visit, angry with Mr. George Knightley?
(a) Mr. Weston.
(b) Mr. Elton.
(c) Mr. Woodhouse.
(d) Mr. Churchill.

10. Who does Emma reach out to, and is rebuffed, when she learns of this person's illness?
(a) Miss Fairfax.
(b) Mrs. Weston.
(c) Mr. Churchill.
(d) Harriet.

11. Where does Emma send Harriet?
(a) To Essex to visit family.
(b) To Cambridge to attend classes.
(c) To Bath to visit a resort.
(d) To London to stay with the John Knightley family.

12. What visitor interrupts Emma's attempts at apologizing to this person she was previously unkind to?
(a) Miss Bates.
(b) Miss Fairfax.
(c) Mrs. Bates.
(d) Mrs. Elton.

13. What does Mr. John Knightley say that causes Emma to be amused?
(a) That he believes she should marry soon.
(b) That he believes her to be very busy socially.
(c) That he believes she is in love with Mr. Churchill.
(d) That he believes his brother is in love with her.

14. Why does Emma try to keep word of the incident from her father?
(a) Emma worries it will cause her father to become ill.
(b) Emma is afraid he will want to fix the situation himself.
(c) Emma knows her father will not approve of Harriet being alone with Mr. Churchill.
(d) Emma knows it will only upset him.

15. Who continues to be unpleasant and make rude comments, even at Emma's wedding?
(a) Mrs. Weston.
(b) Mrs. Elton.
(c) Mr. Elton.
(d) Miss Fairfax.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. George Knightley think of Mr. Churchill now, in light of his secret?

2. Where does Miss Fairfax intend to move to?

3. Who volunteers to host the party while the problem is resolved?

4. Why does Emma tell herself she is anxious to see Mr. Churchill?

5. What is the baby named?

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