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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who defends Mr. Churchill's actions in regards to his recent inaction?
(a) Emma.
(b) Harriet.
(c) Mrs. Weston.
(d) Mr. Weston.

2. Who does Harriet go to for advice about this encounter?
(a) Mrs. Goddard.
(b) Mr. Martin.
(c) Mrs. Weston.
(d) Emma.

3. Who sends a letter to Mr. Woodhouse announcing his intentions of going to Bath for an indeterminate amount of time?
(a) Harriet.
(b) Mr. Elton.
(c) Isabella.
(d) Mr. George Knightley.

4. What does Mr. Churchill try to make Miss Fairfax confess?
(a) Her deepest, darkest secrets.
(b) The name of the man she is love with.
(c) The donor of the pianoforte.
(d) Her past love affairs.

5. Who decides to throw a ball to honor Mr. Churchill?
(a) The Knightleys.
(b) The Woodhouses.
(c) The Westons.
(d) The Bates.

6. Who is having a party but fails to send the Woodhouses an invitation along with ones sent to the other families in Highbury?
(a) The Coles.
(b) The Knightleys.
(c) The Bates.
(d) The Westons.

7. What time limit does Emma place on Harriet's visit to Abbey Mill?
(a) One hour.
(b) Two hours.
(c) Fifteen minutes.
(d) One half hour.

8. Who is Emma planning to spend the evening with at Randall's?
(a) The Eltons.
(b) The Westons.
(c) The Bates.
(d) The Knightleys.

9. Whose engagement is announced in Volume 2, Chapter 3?
(a) Mr. Churchill's.
(b) Mr. Woodhouse's.
(c) Mr. George Knightley's.
(d) Mr. Elton's.

10. What is the topic of conversation in the beginning moments of the party to which Emma attends in Volume 2, Chapter 8?
(a) The special attention Mr. George Knightley has been spending on the Bates and Miss Fairfax.
(b) Mr. Churchill's trip to London.
(c) Mr. Dixon's recent marriage to the daughter of Miss Fairfax's benefactor.
(d) The new pianoforte Miss Fairfax has received and its mysterioius benefactor.

11. What recent wedding is the main topic of conversation?
(a) Harriet's to Mr. Martin.
(b) Miss Taylor's to Mr. Weston.
(c) Harriet's to Mr. Elton.
(d) Miss Taylor's to Mr. Knightley.

12. Who becomes the center of gossip in Highbury?
(a) Mr. Churchill.
(b) Emma.
(c) Miss Hawkins.
(d) Miss Fairfax.

13. What reason is given for the invitation failing to arrive promptly?
(a) The hosts were making special arrangements for Mr. Woodhouse's attendance.
(b) They dislike Emma's matchmaking games.
(c) They did not want Emma to outshine their own daughter.
(d) They dislike Mr. Woodhouses unpleasant behaviors.

14. Who raised and gave their name to Mr. Weston's son?
(a) Mr. Weston's cousin.
(b) Mr. Weston's parents.
(c) Miss Churchill's brother and sister-in-law.
(d) Mr. Woodhouse's nephew.

15. Who believes this choice of vacation location was all wrong?
(a) Mr. Woodhouse.
(b) Mr. George Knightley.
(c) Mr. John Knightley.
(d) Emma.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gift has Mr. George Knightley made to the Bates that causes Emma to wonder about his intentions?

2. What news do Emma and Harriet receive that causes more excitement in Highbury?

3. How does Emma meet Harriet?

4. What concerns Mr. Woodhouse about this letter?

5. What does Harriet find in her room at the boarding school that surprises her?

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