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1. What change has occurred in the Woodhouse home recently?

The Woodhouse family has just lost the youngest daughter, Emma's, governess who has been a friend and companion for many years. Miss Taylor has recently gotten married to Mr. Weston, a young man Emma introduced her to. Mrs. Weston lives nearby, but Emma and her father realize Mrs. Weston's new family will take up a significant amount of her time and she will not be available to be the companion she has been in the past.

2. What caused Mr. Weston's first marriage to be an unhappy one?

Mr. Weston's first wife was above him in social status and therefore her family did not accept her chosen husband. As a result, the first Mrs. Weston was estranged from her family and disinherited. Mrs. Weston was saddened by this. Mrs. Weston died after three years of marriage. A son was given to Mrs. Weston's family, helping to make amends between them and Mr. Weston.

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