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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Volume 3 Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is all the gossip centering around this person about?
(a) Mr. Churchill's secret engagement.
(b) Miss Fairfax's affair with a married man.
(c) Miss Hawkins' reported beauty and wealth.
(d) Emma's failed attempt at matching Mr. Elton to Harriet.

2. Who arrives at Highbury int he beginning of Volume 1, Chapter 11?
(a) Isabella and her family.
(b) Mr. George Knightley.
(c) Mrs. Weston.
(d) Mr. Churchill.

3. Why would Emma think Mr. Churchill's engagement might upset Harriet?
(a) Because Harriet is depressed that everyone is getting married except her.
(b) Because Harriet is in love with Mr. Churchill.
(c) Because she has been trying to match Harriet and Mr. Churchill together.
(d) Because Harriet dislikes Miss Fairfax.

4. What does Mr. George Knightley think of Mr. Churchill now, in light of his secret?
(a) Mr. George Knightley still thinks Mr. Churchill is irresponsible and unkind.
(b) Mr. Knightley has changed his mind and begun to think Mr. Churchill is a kind man.
(c) Mr. Knightley regrets his attitude toward Mr. Churchill and hopes they can become friends.
(d) Mr. Knightley believes Mr. Churchill used Emma and therefore is a poor husband for Miss Fairfax.

5. Why does Emma send Harriet away?
(a) To protect her from learning of Emma's engagement to Mr. George Knightley.
(b) Because she wants to protect her from all the wedding plans taking place around her, to keep her from becoming depressed.
(c) To keep her from ruining Emma's wedding plans.
(d) Because she is tired of spending time with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is kept from Mr. Woodhouse to prevent annoying him?

2. Who else knows about the letter?

3. Why does Emma not approve of Harriet's choice of men?

4. Who is unable to attend due to a sore throat?

5. Why is Emma happy about this incident in which Mr. Churchill has been forced to save Harriet?

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