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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Volume 2 Chapter 15 | Volume 2 Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has caused the delay of a character's visit to Highbury?
(a) The illness of his uncle.
(b) The illness of his mother.
(c) The illness of his aunt.
(d) The illness of his father.

2. Who is Colonel Campbell who provided for Miss Fairfax's education?
(a) The family lawyer.
(b) A cousin.
(c) A family friend.
(d) Her father.

3. What does Harriet find in her room at the boarding school that surprises her?
(a) A new pianoforte.
(b) A letter from Mr. Elton.
(c) The art project Emma created.
(d) A package from Elizabeth and her brother.

4. What does Emma question Mr. Knightley about as they discuss Miss Fairfax's new friendship?
(a) Whether Mr. Knightley is in love with Miss Fairfax.
(b) If Mr. Knightley knows who the donor of the pianoforte is.
(c) Whether Mr. Knightley is in love with Miss Bates.
(d) If Mr. Knightley knows who Miss Fairfax is in love with.

5. How does Mr. Knightley react when he learns that Emma counseled Harriet negatively about the letter?
(a) He becomes angry and leaves.
(b) He is surprised Emma would act in such a way.
(c) He is supportive of her opinion.
(d) He is proud of her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has sent a letter to the Bates announcing intentions to visit?

2. Where does Mrs. Weston repeatedly attempt to persuade Emma to go?

3. Who is unable to attend due to a sore throat?

4. What causes the number to unavoidably increase to nine?

5. What does Mr. Churchill try to make Miss Fairfax confess?

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