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Lesson 1 (from Volume 1 Chapter 1 | Volume 1 Chapter 2)


Volume 1 Chapter 1 | Volume 1 Chapter 2

Many of the main characters are introduced in these opening chapters. Discuss characterization with the students.


1) Class Discussion: Emma, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Weston, Mr. George Knightley, and Mr. Frank Churchill are all introduced in these chapters. Discuss these characters with the students. Have students list some of the character traits that are introduced regarding these characters in the first two chapters. Have students discuss these character traits and how they might foreshadow developments in the novel's plot, such as Emma's fondness of matchmaking.

2) Foreshadowing: Emma's father asks her to not do any more matchmaking, but Emma is already thinking of trying to make a match for a neighbor, Mr. Elton. Discuss Emma's decision to go ahead and continue this game even though her father has asked her not to. Discuss with students how Emma's plans might affect the plot...

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