Emma Character Descriptions

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Miss Bates

This character is a comic but sympathetic character whose loquacious, hopelessly indiscreet ramblings are the source of much unspoken amusement and disgust.

Mrs. Bates

This character is the old and much-respected widow of a former vicar of Highbury.

Colonel Campbell

This character is the benefactor of another character.

Frank Churchill

This character was adopted by an uncle and aunt who have given him a position in society his own father could not provide.

Mr. Churchill

This character is a person of privilege who is condescending toward people of a lower status in society.

Mrs. Churchill

This character is chronically ill causing many disruptions in the plans of those related to this character.

The Coles

These characters are of the merchant class.

Mr. Dixon

This character is blamed for another character's depression and a later illness, perhaps because of unrequited or ill-fated love.

Mr. Elton

This character...

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