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Volume 1 Chapter 1 | Volume 1 Chapter 2

• Emma was raised by her widowed father along with her sister who is now married, as well as a companion who also has recently married.

• Emma is known as a successful matchmaker. Emma's father has asked her to stop making these matches because her enthusiasm is directly responsible for the marriage of their companion and friend, Miss Taylor.

• Emma wants to make one more match for a new neighbor, Mr. Elton.

• Mr. Weston, who has married Emma's companion Miss Taylor, has a son, Frank Churchill, from his unhappy first marriage, and who was raised by his maternal grandparents and adopted by an aunt and uncle.

• Mr. Frank Churchill is expected in the small village to visit his father and his new wife.

Volume 1 Chapter 3 | Volume 1 Chapter 4

• Emma misses Miss Taylor and feels she is doomed to spend her evenings in idle chatter...

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