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Short Answer Questions

1. How had Rousseau raised his children?

2. What does Rousseau say man should study before he travels?

3. What had the priest in "The Creed of a Savoyard Priest" chapter lost when he left priesthood?

4. What does Rousseau describe as an influence on the differentiation between nations?

5. Where do the differences between men's and women's roles originate, in Rousseau's opinion?

Short Essay Questions

1. To what does Rousseau attribute the differences between men and women?

2. What does Rousseau say about men's and women's proper role and temperament?

3. How does Rousseau say that the corruption of young grown men takes place?

4. Why does Emile's mentor informs Emile that he needs to go apart from Sophy and make himself worthy of her as a husband?

5. What kind of religion does Rousseau urge on Emile?

6. What is Rousseau's perspective when he writes about sexual desire in Book 4, Chapter 3?

7. How does Rousseau describe Sophy's parents' marriage as they consider finding a marriage for Sophy?

8. What is it that the priest says will allow Emile to return to his childhood religion?

9. How does the priest describe the reconciliation when someone returns to his or her childhood religion?

10. What three forces does Rousseau say are involved in preparing Sophy for marriage?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does Rousseau give men a privileged position relative to women? In what ways does he? In what ways does he ascribe powers to women that compensate or surpass the powers of men?

Essay Topic 2

How wide is the appeal of "Emile"? Is it a book for all children and tutors? Is it a book for schools? Is it only appropriate for a certain social class? Is it for all classes?

Essay Topic 3

What is the relationship between Emile and Rousseau? Would Emile's education be a success or a failure if he ended up writing a book like "Emile"? Is the book intended to prevent him from having to write a book of his own?

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