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Short Answer Questions

1. How was Rousseau rewarded for writing "Emile"?

2. If someone published under his/her own name, what question did he/her confront?

3. How does Rousseau suggest telling students about where babies come from?

4. What is Rousseau's ideal for child rearing?

5. How many children did Rousseau have?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Rousseau, what allows a child to find the extra ability that allows him to grow?

2. What is epistemology and how did it affect Rousseau's "Emile"?

3. Describe the motivational power Rousseau attributes to interest.

4. Why does Rousseau say that the adolescent is at the peak of his development and reasoning?

5. Why does Rousseau propose a "moderate approach" in responding to a child's injuries?

6. How does Rousseau describe man's second birth?

7. What does Rousseau say is the source of inner conflict?

8. What does Rousseau mean when he says that he wants children to learn ignorance?

9. What does Rousseau say are the dangers of libertinism?

10. How does Rousseau say that ignorance helps perception?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Is being a good parent different from being a good tutor? Use examples from the text.

Essay Topic 2

Is there contradiction in Emile's learning to value ignorance, and Rousseau saying that the worst thing a woman can inflict on a man is ignorance about his paternity?

Essay Topic 3

How does Rousseau's biography affect your reading of his work? Does it make a difference that he gave away five children, or that he was helped by his relationships with women? Does he gain or lose authority for his biography?

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