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Short Answer Questions

1. What is most relevant in deciding how or whether to punish a child?

2. How many children did Rousseau have?

3. How does Rousseau suggest telling students about where babies come from?

4. What does the author of the introduction suggest was the reason for the success of "Emile" as a book?

5. What is Rousseau's focus in Chapter 1, Book 3?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Rousseau say has a corrupting effect on men?

2. Why does Rousseau propose a "moderate approach" in responding to a child's injuries?

3. What is epistemology and how did it affect Rousseau's "Emile"?

4. What does Rousseau say is the purpose of education?

5. What does Rousseau say about man's inherent moral nature?

6. What advice does Rousseau give mothers?

7. How does Rousseau answer the question about where babies come from?

8. According to Rousseau, what allows a child to find the extra ability that allows him to grow?

9. What does Rousseau say about the first 25 years of life?

10. What does Rousseau mean when he says that he wants children to learn ignorance?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do you think that it is better for childhood to be seen as a time in itself, which can be perfected in an education designed specifically for children, or is childhood a stage in the development of the adult, so that education should be designed to turn the child into a more mature version of itself?

Essay Topic 2

How does Rousseau use the student's feelings against him? How does he try to guide or suppress the student's feelings?

Essay Topic 3

What is the relationship between Emile and Rousseau? Would Emile's education be a success or a failure if he ended up writing a book like "Emile"? Is the book intended to prevent him from having to write a book of his own?

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