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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What condition does the priest impose on his advice?
(a) Return to childhood religion, but with healthy skepticism.
(b) Give yourself wholly to atheistic self-searching.
(c) Remain skeptical about whatever religion--or irreligion--you take up.
(d) Return to childhood religion, but with the whole heart.

2. What does Rousseau say is the rule for women?
(a) Arouse strength and activity in men.
(b) Overcome yourself.
(c) Bear children and be a good wife.
(d) Know yourself.

3. What kind of love does Emile's father recommend?
(a) Love that is consummated in death.
(b) Love that fades slowly into partnership.
(c) Love that deepens and matures without being satiated.
(d) Love that leads to overwhelming sensations of satiation.

4. What does Rousseau say ensures interdependence of man and woman?
(a) Woman's need for reason.
(b) Woman's usefulness as a tool to men's work.
(c) Man's dependence on woman.
(d) Man's need for spiritual symbols in his life.

5. Why is Emile assigned a task by his tutor?
(a) Because Sophy needs to know that she can rely on him.
(b) Because he is still immature, not ready for marriage emotionally.
(c) Because his training will be incomplete until he has lost something dear to him.
(d) Because a man should not marry without a stable income.

Short Answer Questions

1. What must Sophy and her parents determine in choosing a spouse for her?

2. How had Rousseau raised his children?

3. What does Rousseau recommend for Emile concerning sexual experience?

4. What does the priest say does not work?

5. How does Rousseau describe being married?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is it that the priest says will allow Emile to return to his childhood religion?

2. What does the priest describe of his background as he gives the discourse?

3. Why does Emile's mentor informs Emile that he needs to go apart from Sophy and make himself worthy of her as a husband?

4. Why does Rousseau aim to foster restraint in Emile?

5. What does Rousseau say about travel?

6. What does Rousseau say is the challenge for women?

7. How does Emile react to the news that he and Sophy have to separate?

8. What does Rousseau say about democracy?

9. How does Rousseau describe Sophy's talents?

10. What does Rousseau say about the conflict between the sexes?

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