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Geneva, Switzerland

This is the birthplace of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


This is the capital of France.


This was the home of the philosopher John Locke, and is the nation to which Rousseau was sheltered by David Hume.

Swaddling clothes

These are strips of cloth used to wrap a baby tightly.


This is a role Rousseau hopes his theoretical child would never assume.

Cathedral of Saint Mark

This is a Christian place of worship located in Venice, Italy.


This group defines Rousseau's colleagues.

Loose-fitting attire

This thing aids in the development of children and encourages strength in adults, especially the more active kind.


According to Rousseau, this person ought to be the student's father.

Algebraical symbols

These are special signs, which, once their meaning is known, make it possible for people to perform feats of mathematics that would be difficult or impossible otherwise.



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