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Swaddling Clothes

Ask some students to come to school in tight-fitted clothing, and others to come in loose-fitting clothes. Does their clothing affect their learning?

EmileThe Musical

Suggest and/or compose songs for a musical version of "Emile".

Emile in America

How would you adapt "Emile" for an American audience? What would be the goal of education?

Education Today

Bring in articles or clippings from books that describe the current state of education in America. What is the dominant goal?

Casting Emile

Which professional actors would you cast for "Emile"? Whom would you cast if you were producing it in your school?


Ask students to design experiments that would test epistemological theories about how they know what they know. Can they test innate knowledge versus acquired knowledge? Can they think of knowledge that comes from other places than the senses?

Nom de Plume

What would students write...

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