Emile Character Descriptions

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

This person had a kind and gentle upbringing, but was apprenticed to a violent master.

Barbara Foxley

This person is the translator.

P. D. Jimack

This is a scholar who taught French at the University of Stirling in Scotland when the edition used was published in 1993.


This person is named as an ancient hero.


This person is an ancient Greek philosopher of Athens.


This person is the fictitious protagonist of the work.


This person is fictional, and is used as a theoretical model for young women.


This person was a Greek female champion, a runner.


This name represents a beneficent force in the cosmos.


This title is used to apply to more than one person during the book, and it is meant to indicate a level of dominance over another.


This title is simply the feminine form of...

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