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Book 1, Book 1 : Chapter 1, Introductions and Nursing

• Rousseau was the son of a craftsman, who was apprenticed to an engraver, but ran away from his master's violence.
• Epistemology plays an important role in Rousseau's writing, as he was influenced by the dominant idea of his times: that we learn from sensory experience.
• Women were accustomed to binding their babies tightly, but Rousseau urged them to give their children loose-fitting clothing.

Book 2, Book 2 : Chapter 1, Early Childhood

• "Emile" was published under Rousseau's true name instead of a pseudonym, which was contrary to custom, and controversial.
• Rousseau urged plenty of activity and fresh air, and book learning after the child has a sensory experience of the world.
• On the question of discipline, Rousseau urges discretion, but flouts the idea that children can be evil.

Book 2, Book 2 : Chapter 2, Submission

• The perfect education, in Rousseau's opinion, will do away with inner conflicts in the...

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