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Robert D. Richardson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Go Alone.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the Transcendental Club founded to discuss?
(a) The possibility of transcendence.
(b) The future of America.
(c) The nature of God.
(d) The state of intellect in the U.S.

2. What does Richardson say was happening as Emerson and his brother Charles grew closer?
(a) Charles' health was declining.
(b) Charles was expecting his first child.
(c) Charles was subscribing to Emerson's new confidence about religion.
(d) Charles was leaving the church.

3. What career paths was Emerson torn between?
(a) Farming and writing.
(b) Law and teaching.
(c) Preaching and law.
(d) Preaching and writing.

4. How does Richardson characterize Emerson's reaction to Ellen's death?
(a) He says that he never got over it.
(b) He says that it made him start a life-long search for religious meaning.
(c) He says that he realized that he had not really been in love.
(d) He says that it gave him absolute faith in the beneficence of the creator.

5. What idea did Emerson return to many times after giving his speech on American Scholar?
(a) The omnipotence of God.
(b) The importance of marriage.
(c) The uniqueness of America.
(d) The unity of things.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are we introduced to Emerson in the Prologue?

2. How does Richardson characterize Emerson's feelings on returning to America?

3. In what movement does Richardson say was Lidian ahead of Emerson?

4. Where did Emerson and Lidian settle down after marrying?

5. What were Emerson's religious beliefs tending toward, at the time of his ordination?

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