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Temple Grandin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is a symptom of autism?
(a) Lack of speech
(b) Laughing uncontrollably
(c) Spitting
(d) Sleeping constantly

2. What is wrong about the poem?
(a) The words
(b) The rhythm
(c) The length
(d) The images

3. What does Temple's mother crash into?
(a) A semi-truck
(b) A bronco
(c) An ice cream van
(d) A pick up

4. Who writes the preface?
(a) James Franklin
(b) Troy Horace
(c) William Carlock
(d) Denise Lewis

5. How does Rimland stop Temple from being loud?
(a) He tells her to speak quietly
(b) He slaps her
(c) He shouts at her
(d) He cries

6. Which of the following is is a typical stressor for an autistic child?
(a) Television
(b) Spinning
(c) Contact
(d) Music

7. Who writes the foreword?
(a) Temple's mother
(b) Bill Carlock
(c) Temple Grandin
(d) Bernard Rimland

8. What makes Temple naughty?
(a) Teasing
(b) Anger
(c) Noise
(d) Boredom

9. What genre does Temple become fascinated by?
(a) Science fiction
(b) Comedy
(c) Romance
(d) Sport

10. Who does Temple's success give hope to?
(a) Africa
(b) Doctors
(c) Autistics
(d) Humanity

11. Who is Carlock to Temple?
(a) Her friend
(b) Her ex husband
(c) Her former teacher
(d) Her former psychiatrist

12. Why does Rimland say he is interested in Temple?
(a) She has insights about autistic children
(b) She is a unique case
(c) She is beautiful
(d) She can attract media attention

13. What kind of sweets does the psychiatrist have?
(a) Popsicles
(b) Snicker bars
(c) M and M's
(d) Mars bars

14. Why does Temple attract attention at the restaurant?
(a) She faints
(b) She burps
(c) She is loud
(d) Sh has a tantram

15. What does Carlock say Temple has used her characteristics to become?
(a) A joke
(b) A success
(c) A good wife
(d) A true individual

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do some experts think that Temple was not an autistic?

2. What does a boy tell Temple she does not have?

3. What does Temple say she hides?

4. Which bodily system does autism affect?

5. What kind of world does Temple say she lived in as a child?

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