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Temple Grandin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the camp counselor?
(a) Doris
(b) Harry
(c) Tony
(d) Nan

2. What kind of world does Temple say she lived in as a child?
(a) A spongy world
(b) A dark work
(c) A LSD world
(d) A visual world

3. What does Temple begin to imagine in this chapter?
(a) Space travel
(b) Another world
(c) An imaginary friend
(d) A magic machine

4. Why does Temple's mother lose control of the car?
(a) She tries to close her window
(b) She tries to grab the hat
(c) She turns around
(d) She cannot see

5. Why does Temple say bird bath begins with g?
(a) It is in a garden
(b) IIt was created by God
(c) It attracts game birds
(d) It rhymes with b

6. What is Temple Grandin invited to?
(a) A class reunion
(b) A supermarket opening
(c) A premiere
(d) A convention

7. Where does Temple go in this chapter?
(a) Church camp
(b) Summer camp
(c) Giil scouts
(d) Winter camp

8. What does Temple's mother crash into?
(a) A semi-truck
(b) A pick up
(c) A bronco
(d) An ice cream van

9. What subject does Rimland specialize in?
(a) Autism
(b) Epilepsy
(c) Brain surgery
(d) Cancer

10. Who does Rimland write about?
(a) Bill Gates
(b) Lauren Parker
(c) James Dean
(d) Temple Grandin

11. What word does Temple repeat?
(a) Ice
(b) Gas
(c) Map
(d) Ping

12. What does the hat make Temple's ears feel like?
(a) They are burning
(b) They are deaf
(c) They are one ear
(d) They have disappeared

13. What does Temple tie to desks?
(a) Pants
(b) Shoe laces
(c) Rope
(d) Blind cords

14. What do autistics overreact to?
(a) Loud noises
(b) Death
(c) Hearing their name
(d) Bright lights

15. Who is Temple shy to meet when she arrives at camp?
(a) The animals
(b) The new staff
(c) The parents
(d) The children

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Temple surprised that she is invited to the reunion?

2. What does Temple's mother say Temple is not?

3. What does Temple say she would not allow her mother to do when she was six-months-old?

4. What does Temple's mother use to record Temple's life?

5. What is wrong about the poem?

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