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Betty Eadie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What predominant feeling does Betty experience in the garden?
(a) Joy at being one with everything else.
(b) Elation at discovering herself.
(c) Confusion with such a different reality.
(d) Sadness at having to leave.

2. Betty learns that since there is a cause and effect relationship to sin, we end up creating many of our own punishments how?
(a) Through our stubbornness.
(b) By wishing things were different.
(c) Through our actions.
(d) By failing to acknowledge our errors.

3. How does Betty recognize the one who embraces her in heaven?
(a) Her spirit remembers.
(b) From stories.
(c) From photographs.
(d) Her guardian angel tells her.

4. Upon experiencing significant complications during her seventh pregnancy, what does Betty decide to do?
(a) Take medications and hope for the best.
(b) Go on bed rest and have the baby.
(c) Allow doctors to induce an early delivery.
(d) Have an abortion.

5. Early in her second marriage, Betty wants to attend church to do what?
(a) Teach Sunday school and serve the homeless.
(b) Meet people and socialize.
(c) Bring stronger sense of religious beliefs to her family.
(d) Satisfy her parents' wishes.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Betty was a child, what did her family life lack?

2. As she travels through the whirling black mass, Betty picks up speed to the point where she feels she's:

3. What does Betty clarify regarding the relationship between the spirit and the flesh?

4. What does Betty say about her beliefs regarding religion prior to her near-death experience?

5. What types of laws does Jesus discuss with Betty?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Betty experiences as she travels inside the vortex.

2. What are Betty's first impressions upon being released from her body?

3. Describe the three beings who appear at Betty's side as she hovers in the hospital room.

4. How do some of the events of Betty's childhood foreshadow what she is about to cover later in the book?

5. When she returns to the hospital room after checking up on her family, what massive force does Betty feel tugging at her?

6. What does Betty say is the glue that holds together her marriage to Joe?

7. Describe Betty's otherworldly experience of immersing herself in a rose.

8. Contrast what Betty learns about God first at the Catholic boarding school and later at Brainard Indian Training School.

9. Explain the "natural consequence" nature of the laws Jesus shares with Betty.

10. Compare and contrast Betty's first and second marriages.

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