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Betty Eadie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Betty find herself at the hospital as her narration begins?
(a) November 18, 1973.
(b) January 1, 2001.
(c) May 3, 1997.
(d) October 15, 1959.

2. When Betty is taken to the garden, what does she see in the distance?
(a) Rainbows and the aurora borealis.
(b) A multitude of people.
(c) Sparkling cities.
(d) Mountains, valleys, and rivers.

3. What does Betty say about her beliefs regarding religion prior to her near-death experience?
(a) They remained uncertain for many years.
(b) She became agnostic.
(c) She became cynical.
(d) They were set in stone.

4. Betty states that our cells were programmed to regenerate indefinitely, but death of the body became a part of the mortal world where?
(a) Center of the universe.
(b) Garden of Eden.
(c) Ancient Egypt.
(d) Atlantis.

5. Upon experiencing significant complications during her seventh pregnancy, what does Betty decide to do?
(a) Go on bed rest and have the baby.
(b) Have an abortion.
(c) Allow doctors to induce an early delivery.
(d) Take medications and hope for the best.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after Betty's spirit hears a deep rumbling, rushing sound?

2. After talking at length with Jesus, Betty meets with two women. Who are these women?

3. As Betty continues to tour the heavenly realm, she feels as though she's traveling how long?

4. How does Betty "experience" the unique flower in the garden?

5. What term does Betty use to describe the library she visits in the spiritual realm?

Short Essay Questions

1. Contrast what Betty learns about God first at the Catholic boarding school and later at Brainard Indian Training School.

2. As a child, how does Betty learn to fear God?

3. Describe what Betty experiences as she feels the life force leaving her body.

4. How does Betty feel at night as she recovers at the hospital following her surgery?

5. How does Betty's uneasiness at the hospital foreshadow what is to come?

6. Before this particular hospital stay where she is scheduled for a partial hysterectomy, Betty was admitted to the hospital for another reason. What was that reason?

7. Describe who Betty sees as she travels through this massive tunnel.

8. What does the experience of being a rose teach Betty?

9. Describe the three beings who appear at Betty's side as she hovers in the hospital room.

10. Describe Betty's second husband, Joe.

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