Embraced by the Light Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Betty Eadie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Betty finally see in the distance of the swirling black mass?
(a) A pinpoint of light.
(b) Blue sky.
(c) An explosion of color.
(d) A planet.

2. What does Betty say are the two major energy forces in the universe?
(a) Positive and negative energy.
(b) Kinetic and potential energy.
(c) Energy that attracts and energy that repels.
(d) Electromagnetism and nuclear energy.

3. After watching television and falling asleep during the evening following her surgery, how does Betty feel when she wakes up?
(a) Light-headed, chilled, and weak.
(b) Depressed and confused.
(c) Giddy and talkative.
(d) Feverish, clammy, and delirious.

4. As she approaches the end of the tunnel, what position does Betty change into?
(a) Flying.
(b) Standing.
(c) Kneeling.
(d) Sitting.

5. In the spirit world, what does Betty learn about the role of love?
(a) Love is supreme, and without it we are nothing.
(b) Love enables us to see clearly the hearts of people.
(c) Love enables us to be perfect judges.
(d) Love is blind.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Betty describe Jesus' sense of humor?

2. How does Betty compare the garden to a symphony?

3. Betty says that we are at our most self-centered when we are:

4. Although Betty often approached God in prayer for answers when she was an adolescent, she felt that:

5. On Betty's first day at Brainard Indian Training School, what sign did she read that left a lasting impression on her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Betty say happens when our thoughts draw upon negative energies at length?

2. What does Betty say is the glue that holds together her marriage to Joe?

3. Describe Betty's second husband, Joe.

4. Describe Betty's otherworldly experience of immersing herself in a rose.

5. Explain the "natural consequence" nature of the laws Jesus shares with Betty.

6. What does Betty feel as she travels through the tunnel?

7. Describe who Betty sees as she travels through this massive tunnel.

8. What does Betty experience as she meets the man inside the light?

9. How has Betty's perspective changed in this chapter?

10. What does the experience of being a rose teach Betty?

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