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Betty Eadie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens once Betty makes the decision to return to earth?
(a) She begins to weep with regret.
(b) Her grandmother hugs her.
(c) The council applauds her.
(d) Angels surround her.

2. At the beginning of the book's last chapter, who comes into Betty's home?
(a) A foster child.
(b) A long-lost aunt.
(c) An NDE researcher.
(d) An estranged sister.

3. As Betty watches the people of earth going about their daily lives, what does she see above them?
(a) Rainbows.
(b) Clouds of confusion.
(c) Halos.
(d) Angels.

4. When Betty meets with the surgeon who had performed her partial hysterectomy, she learns that:
(a) She was incoherent after the surgery.
(b) He also saw her spirit guides.
(c) There were no complications.
(d) She had died.

5. Where in the spiritual realm does Betty meet with the council of men?
(a) Top of a sleek tower.
(b) Room of a large building.
(c) Small amphitheater in the garden.
(d) Alongside a meandering creek.

6. What do the spirits begin to do once they've gathered around Betty in the garden?
(a) Greet her.
(b) Spin.
(c) Lecture her.
(d) Dance.

7. Betty says that the only thing we can take with us from our earthly lives is:
(a) The good we've done for others.
(b) Our names.
(c) The personalities we developed.
(d) The fame and notoriety we earned.

8. In many instances, our earth family members and friends are:
(a) Learning exactly the same lessons we are.
(b) Spirits we bonded with.
(c) Former guardian angels.
(d) Beings from other planets.

9. How does the drunken man help the attorney?
(a) Showing the attorney he should never drink.
(b) By serving as his client.
(c) As a teacher of compassion.
(d) By hardening the attorney's heart.

10. Initially, Betty think the spirits who've gathered in the garden have come:
(a) To protect her.
(b) For a church ceremony.
(c) To review her life.
(d) For a graduation party.

11. In conclusion, what does Betty say we are here on earth to do?
(a) Live it up.
(b) Work very hard.
(c) Ponder our existence.
(d) Love one another.

12. As Betty finds herself at the center of much adoration, she realizes that every soul is:
(a) A tiny pebble in a large sea.
(b) Of infinite worth.
(c) Able to sing.
(d) Interesting.

13. How can the angels tell which of our prayers are more urgent?
(a) They are brighter.
(b) They flap more intensely.
(c) They're lifted up by red balloons.
(d) They are louder.

14. The author states that we should ask in humility and receive in:
(a) Gratitude.
(b) Confidence.
(c) Wonder.
(d) Faith.

15. How long does Betty say she spent visiting many of God's creations?
(a) Seconds.
(b) Weeks, even months.
(c) Months, even years.
(d) Hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Betty experience after her spirit slips back into her body?

2. Betty states that even though she and Joe help their adult children through painful moments, they can never:

3. When Betty sees spirits eagerly awaiting their turn on earth, she notes that they regard life on earth as what?

4. Betty sees prayers coming from earth as what?

5. Betty says that regardless of whether someone is great or small, talented or handicapped, sinner or saint, in the spirit world:

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