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Betty Eadie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In heaven, Betty is told that when a person dies traumatically, the spirit leaves the body:
(a) Without looking back.
(b) Temporarily.
(c) Quickly.
(d) Through the top of the head.

2. How can the angels tell which of our prayers are more urgent?
(a) They flap more intensely.
(b) They are louder.
(c) They're lifted up by red balloons.
(d) They are brighter.

3. How long does it take Betty to finally agree to share her otherworldly experiences in a book?
(a) Nineteen years.
(b) Seven years.
(c) Two years.
(d) Thirty-six years.

4. With her difficult adjustment back into her body, how does Betty feel after her return to earth?
(a) Depressed.
(b) Furious.
(c) Courageous.
(d) Confident.

5. In the other worlds that Betty visits, what kind of people does she see?
(a) Warring and primitive.
(b) Loving and intelligent.
(c) Quiet, tall, and intuitive.
(d) Fun-loving, petite, and childlike.

6. Betty says that wherever she traveled in the spiritual world, she always felt what?
(a) The protection of benevolent spirits.
(b) Comforting presence of God's love.
(c) Like a stranger in a strange land.
(d) The pull of her family bringing her back.

7. How long does Betty say she spent visiting many of God's creations?
(a) Months, even years.
(b) Seconds.
(c) Hours.
(d) Weeks, even months.

8. What does Betty realize about her adoptive child by the time the little girl is two-and-a-half years old?
(a) The girl is the incarnation of one of her monk friends.
(b) The child is a musical prodigy.
(c) Betty has seen her before in spirit.
(d) Saving the child is Betty's mission.

9. As Betty prepares to leave heaven, she realizes that:
(a) She forgot to ask some very important questions.
(b) She's seen everything there is to see in heaven.
(c) She's seen only a tiny portion of heaven.
(d) She may choose to go to another realm when she returns.

10. What do the spirits begin to do once they've gathered around Betty in the garden?
(a) Spin.
(b) Lecture her.
(c) Greet her.
(d) Dance.

11. Betty learns that our earthly prayers for others can benefit those:
(a) On earth only.
(b) On earth and in heaven.
(c) In heaven only.
(d) Whom we know personally, but not others.

12. What is Betty's first impression of her body upon her return to earth?
(a) Utterly beautiful.
(b) Barely recognizable.
(c) Warm and inviting.
(d) Cold and heavy.

13. What do those gathered at Betty's farewell from the spirit world begin to do?
(a) Recite a memorized poem.
(b) Bring her gifts.
(c) Sing spontaneously.
(d) Dance with her.

14. Betty states that even though she and Joe help their adult children through painful moments, they can never:
(a) Go back to how things were.
(b) Replace guardian angels.
(c) Offer advice.
(d) Live their lives for them.

15. What does Betty say fills the vastness of space?
(a) Love.
(b) Stardust.
(c) Ether.
(d) Emptiness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Betty learns that as spirits preparing to come to earth, we choose many of our weaknesses and challenges in order to what?

2. The author states that we should ask in humility and receive in:

3. How does Betty travel to other worlds, galaxies, and realms?

4. After the spirits show Betty who the drunken man really is, what does Betty see?

5. With the "ripple effect," any act of cruelty or kindness does what?

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