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Betty Eadie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Joe and Betty marry, they move with their children to:
(a) Atlanta, Georgia.
(b) San Antonio, Texas.
(c) Albuquerque, New Mexico.
(d) San Diego, California.

2. What term does Betty use to describe the waters in the garden?
(a) Singing waters.
(b) Playful waters.
(c) Dancing waters.
(d) Living waters.

3. Whom does Betty recognize as the one who embraces her upon her entry into the spirit world?
(a) Her brother.
(b) Jesus Christ.
(c) Her grandmother.
(d) Saint Peter.

4. Although Betty often approached God in prayer for answers when she was an adolescent, she felt that:
(a) Her prayers were insignificant.
(b) Her prayers were insincere.
(c) God did not hear her.
(d) God did not care about her.

5. Following her hysterectomy procedure, how does Betty feel at nine o'clock when a nurse brings her evening medication?
(a) Uncomfortably hot and feverish.
(b) Confused and disoriented.
(c) Fine except for a little pain from the surgery.
(d) Ready to go home.

6. As she focuses on the special flower in the garden, what perspective does Betty adopt?
(a) Suspended animation.
(b) Microscopic vision.
(c) Time reversal.
(d) Aerial view.

7. When Betty is taken to a large room that resembles a library, what's conspicuously missing?
(a) Information.
(b) People.
(c) Books.
(d) Windows.

8. After waking up with a feeling of impending danger following her surgery, Betty tries reaching for the cord that calls the nurse but finds that:
(a) The cord is broken.
(b) The room is too dark to see the cord.
(c) She's strapped to IVs and can't reach.
(d) She is too weak to move.

9. To the spirit world, earth time is:
(a) Meaningless.
(b) Questionable.
(c) Endless.
(d) Mind-boggling.

10. On the morning of Betty's hysterectomy, what does she experience after hearing the doctor ask, "Is she ready?"
(a) Everything goes black.
(b) The room starts to spin wildly.
(c) She has second thoughts.
(d) She has a panic attack.

11. How old was Betty when she fell in love with the boy next door and married him?
(a) Seventeen.
(b) Fifteen.
(c) Eighteen.
(d) Twenty.

12. When she was deathly sick with whooping cough and double pneumonia as a child, Betty had an otherworldly experience of finding herself cradled in the arms of:
(a) A woman with a sparkling blue dress.
(b) Three golden angels.
(c) Two radiant fairies.
(d) A man with a beautiful white beard.

13. How does Betty describe her semi-private hospital room in which she recovers after surgery?
(a) Cold and drafty.
(b) Loud but cheerful.
(c) Small but adequate.
(d) Drab and ugly.

14. How does Betty "experience" the unique flower in the garden?
(a) Seeing it in multiple colors and poses.
(b) Feeling the flower's presence around her.
(c) Having a conversation with it.
(d) Smelling its sweet perfume.

15. When Betty's spirit looks upon her own body, she at once knows that:
(a) Her family will be devastated.
(b) She's too young to die.
(c) It's lifeless.
(d) She'll be coming back.

Short Answer Questions

1. Prior to feeling her body become still and lifeless, Betty experiences:

2. When Betty experiences severe cramping, bleeding, and other complications during her seventh pregnancy, what do doctors advise?

3. Who visits Betty after her procedure, even though she has no recollection of the visit?

4. What is the outcome of Betty's difficult seventh pregnancy?

5. The flowers that Betty sees in the garden in the spiritual world are:

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