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Betty Eadie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the outcome of Betty's difficult seventh pregnancy?
(a) Her son is born with mild deformities.
(b) Her child is stillborn and her health goes into decline.
(c) She has a miscarriage months before the due date.
(d) Her son is born normal, but she experiences health issues.

2. Betty states that she knew with a sure knowledge that Jesus would never do what?
(a) Speak firmly to anyone.
(b) Come back to earth again.
(c) Misuse his authority.
(d) Laugh at her jokes.

3. On Betty's first day at Brainard Indian Training School, what sign did she read that left a lasting impression on her?
(a) No dreams, no hope.
(b) Where there is no vision the people perish.
(c) With compassion all is possible.
(d) Look to the heavens for answers.

4. How does Betty recognize the one who embraces her in heaven?
(a) From photographs.
(b) From stories.
(c) Her guardian angel tells her.
(d) Her spirit remembers.

5. How does Betty compare the garden to a symphony?
(a) Everything in the garden creates its own music.
(b) She can direct the elements of the garden like a composer.
(c) The garden is as beautiful as the best symphony she's heard on earth.
(d) The flowers remind her of symphony musicians.

6. According to Betty, why are there positive and negative energies in our universe?
(a) These energies create chaos and disorder.
(b) Both are essential to creation and growth.
(c) These energies give us a chance to pick sides.
(d) These energies test us to see what we're really made of.

7. When Betty is taken to a large room that resembles a library, what's conspicuously missing?
(a) Books.
(b) People.
(c) Windows.
(d) Information.

8. Why doesn't healing sometimes come right away, or come at all?
(a) Nobody knows why.
(b) Because we're not trying hard enough.
(c) For spiritual growth.
(d) Because we're cursed.

9. Betty says that in the spirit world, nobody is made to feel what?
(a) Uncomfortable.
(b) Dignified.
(c) Powerful.
(d) Majestic.

10. After waking up with a feeling of impending danger following her surgery, Betty tries reaching for the cord that calls the nurse but finds that:
(a) The cord is broken.
(b) The room is too dark to see the cord.
(c) She is too weak to move.
(d) She's strapped to IVs and can't reach.

11. Betty's father is Scottish-Irish and her mother is:
(a) Chippewa.
(b) Ute.
(c) Apache.
(d) Sioux.

12. Feeling restless at the hospital as she awaits her procedure, what does Betty do?
(a) Knits a sweater.
(b) Reads a book.
(c) Calls home.
(d) Reads her husband's letter.

13. When she first experiences her spirit body and others appear in the room with her, what does Betty notice about their appearance and hers?
(a) Everyone glows softly.
(b) Everyone looks very young.
(c) She is taller than the other beings.
(d) She can't see anyone's eyes.

14. Prior to feeling her body become still and lifeless, Betty experiences:
(a) Dizziness and abdominal pain.
(b) A sinking sensation and a soft buzzing sound.
(c) Diminished sensation in her feet.
(d) A rapid heartbeat.

15. In heaven, what is Betty told about her death?
(a) Someone else was supposed to die instead.
(b) It was the doctor's fault.
(c) It's premature.
(d) Her family is missing her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Betty notes that once we've identified an illness or a problem, we must start verbalizing what?

2. What flower attracts her more than any other in the garden?

3. How does Betty "experience" the unique flower in the garden?

4. When Betty experiences severe cramping, bleeding, and other complications during her seventh pregnancy, what do doctors advise?

5. Betty explains that by living true to the laws that govern us, as explained to her by Jesus, we will be blessed even further and receive what?

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