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Betty Eadie
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, The Laws.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Betty talks with Jesus in heaven, she learns that his mission had been to come into the world to:
(a) Heal others.
(b) Experience life.
(c) Teach love.
(d) Tell stories.

2. How does Betty describe sinning?
(a) Using the laws to one's advantage.
(b) Breaking one of the ten commandments.
(c) Breaking one of the laws and going against the natural order.
(d) Failing to understand a law.

3. Feeling restless at the hospital as she awaits her procedure, what does Betty do?
(a) Reads her husband's letter.
(b) Knits a sweater.
(c) Calls home.
(d) Reads a book.

4. Betty states that all creation begins where?
(a) At the center of the universe.
(b) From utter chaos.
(c) In the mind.
(d) From emotions.

5. When she first experiences her spirit body and others appear in the room with her, what does Betty notice about their appearance and hers?
(a) She is taller than the other beings.
(b) Everyone looks very young.
(c) Everyone glows softly.
(d) She can't see anyone's eyes.

Short Answer Questions

1. On Betty's first day at Brainard Indian Training School, what sign did she read that left a lasting impression on her?

2. As Betty feels an enormous, powerful energy around her, what happens to her hospital room?

3. After her parents separate when Betty is four years old, where is she sent?

4. Early in her second marriage, Betty wants to attend church to do what?

5. What does Betty say we need to do to attract positive energy to ourselves?

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