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Betty Eadie
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, The Farewell.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Joe and Betty marry, they move with their children to:
(a) San Antonio, Texas.
(b) San Diego, California.
(c) Albuquerque, New Mexico.
(d) Atlanta, Georgia.

2. When Betty's spirit looks upon her own body, she at once knows that:
(a) It's lifeless.
(b) Her family will be devastated.
(c) She'll be coming back.
(d) She's too young to die.

3. The author notices that people enjoy creating things in heaven, and she comes to understand that all things of importance are:
(a) Not allowed to leave the spiritual realm.
(b) Created by large committees.
(c) Created spiritually first, physically second.
(d) Given a stamp of approval by ministering angels.

4. How does Betty feel inside the black mass?
(a) Uncertain.
(b) Sad.
(c) Calm.
(d) Fearful.

5. When Betty is taken to a large room that resembles a library, what's conspicuously missing?
(a) Information.
(b) People.
(c) Windows.
(d) Books.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Betty is taken to the garden, what does she see in the distance?

2. What part of a person communicates with God, receiving knowledge and insight from him?

3. Betty says that Jesus' relationship to her was like what?

4. What does Betty see running through the garden?

5. What does the council of men tell Betty?

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