Objects & Places from Embraced by the Light

Betty Eadie
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The Hospital

This place is where the main character is about to have surgery when a detailed near-death experience occurs.

Boarding School

This place is where the main character and siblings reside after their parents' divorce.

The Tunnel

This is the place the main character travels through, sensing souls moving forward at their own pace.

The Light

This phenomenon surrounds all spirits. It reflects feelings and devotion to God.

The Laws

These concepts govern all spirits.

The Looms

These objects are used to create unique cloth that spirits can wear during their time in the spirit world.

The Library

This place is where one needs only to stand in order to gain all the knowledge it contains.

The Garden

In this place, all the plants have intelligence and can respond to God's will.

Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas

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