Daily Lessons for Teaching Embraced by the Light

Betty Eadie
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, The First Night)


Chapter 1, The First Night

The first chapter begins with an ominous tone. The objective of this lesson is to study how the author uses her feelings and memories to set up a sense of foreboding.


1. Class Discussion: Where is the author at the start of the chapter? Why is she there? How does she feel? Why does she feel this way? How does her description of the setting accentuate the tone she creates? How do her feelings and memories create a sense of foreboding?

2. Written Assignment: Write a page summarizing the author's various fears. What leads up to these fears? How do these fears affect her in the hospital?

3. Small Group Activity: Within a small group, discuss the memories Betty describes that contribute to the ominous feelings she experiences in this chapter.

4. For Homework: Write a page responding to the following: "By creating a foreboding...

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