Embraced by the Light Fun Activities

Betty Eadie
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Heaven Is ...

Using Betty's heavenly experiences and descriptions as reference, create a visual depicting your own impressions of heaven or the spiritual realm.

Character Analysis

Write a short character analysis for each of the following who play major roles in this book:

1. Betty.

2. Joe.

3. Jesus.

In the Tunnel

Betty indicates that while she's traveling through the tunnel, she is aware of others traveling with her. Pretend you are one of Betty's fellow travelers. Write a one-page description of what you would see and experience as an eyewitness reporter traveling with the author through the tunnel.

What's an NDE?

This book is about the near-death experience (NDE) of Betty Eadie. What, exactly, is an NDE? Research on the subject and write down your findings.

Add a Scenario

Betty says she shares in her book what she remembers. She explains that she visited many other places in the spiritual realm...

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