Embraced by the Light Character Descriptions

Betty Eadie
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Betty Eadie

This person was born to an American Indian woman and a white man and, along with many siblings, was sent to a Catholic boarding school.


As the spouse of the main character, this person understands the author's experience and serves as a caring supporter.

Betty Jean

This person was first fostered and then adopted by the main character, who knew this individual in the spirit world.

The Spirit of Jesus

This being communicates with the main character, answering unspoken questions without saying a word. The entity answers many questions, including why there are so many religions on earth and why spirits go to earth in the first place.

The Three Monks

These robed beings appear at the main character's bedside shortly after the person's death and explain that the death is premature.

Betty's Spiritual Guides

These beings show the main character around in the spirit...

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