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Betty Eadie
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Chapter 1, The First Night

• In this book, the author relates her near-death experience (NDE) and shares how it changed her life.

• Her experience begins at a hospital as she rests, awaiting surgery to undergo a partial hysterectomy.

• Alone in her hospital room, she begins to feel uneasy, but she thinks it has to do with being apart from her husband and their children.

• The feeling of dread she experiences reminds her of a childhood hospital stay.
• The author explains that her parents, a Scottish-Irish father and a Sioux Indian mother, separated when she was four years old.

• Betty and five of her siblings were then sent to a Catholic boarding school where students were mistreated.

• During her first winter at the school, Betty developed whooping cough and double pneumonia.

• She did not realize it then, but she had a near-death experience.

• Young Betty heard a doctor say that...

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