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Gabrielle Zevin
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Owen trying to save just before he died?

2. How often does Owen visit the Observation Deck now?

3. Who goes to stop Lizzie from using the Sneaker Clause?

4. What does Lizzie worry about when Sadie becomes a puppy?

5. How does Lizzie thank Owen for his help?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Curtis give to his new wife as a wedding present?

2. What happens when Sadie becomes a puppy?

3. What does Lizzie ask Owen's help with, and why?

4. What changes in Lizzie and Owen's relationship as they age in Elsewhere?

5. What happens when Lizzie tries to back out of the Sneaker Clause?

6. Why does Owen adopt Jen?

7. Why was it so hard for Curtis to believe in love when he got to Elsewhere?

8. How is Lizzie rescued after she tries to back out of the Sneaker Clause?

9. Why does Owen choose to contact Alvy?

10. Why do Lizzie and Owen stop dating?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Owen endures many different trials before the end of the book. What are some of these trials and what lessons does he learn through these experiences?

Essay Topic 2

Despair was a theme that was placed in a number of sensitive places in this plot. What are some of these places, and what role did despair play in this book?

Essay Topic 3

What happens at the Observation Decks, and how are these moments significant to the main characters in "Elsewhere"?

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