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Gabrielle Zevin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lizzie get upset with Owen about after his wife comes to live with him?
(a) Abandoning his dog.
(b) Quitting his job.
(c) Loving an old woman.
(d) Dumping her.

2. How does Lizzie feel about her life when she is reborn?
(a) Anxious.
(b) Content.
(c) Lonely.
(d) Sad.

3. Why can't Lizzie die during the Sneaker Clause?
(a) She lost her privileges.
(b) She is already dead.
(c) She is on the Clause.
(d) She is young.

4. Who does Aldous bring to Thanksgiving dinner?
(a) His grandfather.
(b) His nephew.
(c) His daughter.
(d) His wife.

5. What does Owen call Lizzie at work for?
(a) To adopt a dog.
(b) To ask her on a date.
(c) To donate a stray cat.
(d) To get her home number.

6. What did what Lizzie thought she saw on the surface turn out to really be?
(a) A search light.
(b) A boat.
(c) A dead body.
(d) A dog tag.

7. What happens when Lizzie tries to escape the Sneaker Clause?
(a) She starts losing memories.
(b) She sinks.
(c) She passes out.
(d) She can't breathe.

8. What is Owen's wife's name?
(a) Emma.
(b) Emmy.
(c) Emmaline.
(d) Emily.

9. Who is Alvy?
(a) Lizzie's brother.
(b) Owen's nephew.
(c) Owen's friend.
(d) Lizzie's father.

10. Who helps Lizzie with the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner?
(a) Owen.
(b) Curtis.
(c) Aldous.
(d) Betty.

11. What will happen to the Elsewhere memories when Lizzie uses the Sneaker Clause?
(a) She will lose them.
(b) They will stay with her.
(c) She will have to live a double life.
(d) They will pop up at random moments.

12. How many people see Lizzie off when she is reborn?
(a) 4.
(b) 5.
(c) 3.
(d) 6.

13. Where does Lizzie get trapped during the Sneaker Clause?
(a) The raft.
(b) The river.
(c) An air shaft.
(d) A ship.

14. What kind of dog is Jen?
(a) Giant Schnauzer.
(b) Dachsund.
(c) Dalmation.
(d) Golden Retriever.

15. What day of the week does Lizzie begin the Sneaker Clause?
(a) Sunday.
(b) Monday.
(c) Tuesay.
(d) Saturday.

Short Answer Questions

1. How often does Owen visit the Observation Deck now?

2. What does Lizzie say reminds her of everything she lost on Earth?

3. Who is with Lizzie when she talks to her brother?

4. Who tells Lizzie she is running out of time to use the Sneaker Clause?

5. How long is Lizzie in the healing center?

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