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Gabrielle Zevin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did what Lizzie thought she saw on the surface turn out to really be?
(a) A dead body.
(b) A search light.
(c) A boat.
(d) A dog tag.

2. What does Lizzie swear when Sadie leaves?
(a) She will always keep a dog.
(b) She will watch Sadie's new life.
(c) She will never have another dog.
(d) She will get Owen a new dog.

3. What does Lizzie give Amadou when they talk?
(a) A letter.
(b) A dog.
(c) A cat.
(d) A balloon.

4. How does Lizzie get to the wedding she is invited to?
(a) At the Observation Decks.
(b) Through the Well.
(c) On the Nile.
(d) Through the Sneaker Clause.

5. What is Owen's wife's name?
(a) Emmaline.
(b) Emmy.
(c) Emily.
(d) Emma.

6. How long will the journey to Earth be?
(a) A year.
(b) A week.
(c) A month.
(d) A day.

7. Where does Lizzie get trapped during the Sneaker Clause?
(a) A ship.
(b) An air shaft.
(c) The raft.
(d) The river.

8. What does Betty do when she hears Owen's wife has come to Elsewhere?
(a) Bans Lizzie from seeing Owen.
(b) Invites her to dinner.
(c) Throws her a party.
(d) Gets her a job.

9. Who does Curtis ask permission from before dating someone?
(a) Andous.
(b) Lizzie.
(c) Owen.
(d) Betty.

10. How old was Owen when he died?
(a) 46.
(b) 16.
(c) 26.
(d) 36.

11. Who goes with Lizzie to the wedding?
(a) Curtis.
(b) Andous.
(c) Owen.
(d) Betty.

12. Who does Thandie bring to Thanksgiving dinner?
(a) Her uncle.
(b) Her cousin.
(c) Her boyfriend.
(d) Her brother.

13. What is Lizzie trying to do when she talks to her brother?
(a) Warn her father.
(b) Watch out for Sadie.
(c) Find her mother.
(d) Make a wedding toast.

14. What kind of dog is Jen?
(a) Giant Schnauzer.
(b) Golden Retriever.
(c) Dachsund.
(d) Dalmation.

15. Why can't Lizzie die during the Sneaker Clause?
(a) She is young.
(b) She is already dead.
(c) She lost her privileges.
(d) She is on the Clause.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose wedding does Lizzie get an invitation to?

2. What does Lizzie worry about when Sadie becomes a puppy?

3. How many dives did Owen make after he died?

4. What is Amadou's excuse for his mistake on Earth?

5. How old was Owen when he met his wife?

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