Objects & Places from Elsewhere

Gabrielle Zevin
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Scuba Suit

Lizzie buys this so that she can swim and tell her parents the name of the man who killed her.

Infinity Tank

The salesman says this will never run out of air.


Lizzie begins using these a great deal after her ordeal during her aborted Sneaker Clause attempt.

The Well

This is at the bottom of the ocean outside of the land of the dead that allows the dead to speak with the living.

Observation Decks

On these in the land of the dead, the dead can look through telescopes or binoculars and see the family and friends they left behind on Earth.

Department of Domestic Animals

This is where Lizzie works.

Department of Acclimation

This is designed to help new people to the land of the dead adjust to their deaths and to find an avocation.

The Registry

This is a building in downtown...

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