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Gabrielle Zevin
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue: In the End and Chapters 1-3)


Prologue: In the End and Chapters 1-3

The beginning of this plot is based off of an extensive usage of personification of dogs and other animals. The objective of this lesson will be to explore this unique literary device and to discuss how it enhances this plot.


1) Introduction of Literary Device: Write on the board in large letters the word 'Personification'. Give a short lesson about what personification is, and provide some examples of this literary device from books you have already read, or plan to read with the class in the future. Discuss with the students why an author would choose to employ this literary tool.

2) Personal Response to Literary Device: Read aloud with the class one of the parts where Lucy the dog is narrating. Have the students write their personal feelings about this. How does this point of view make you feel...

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