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Gabrielle Zevin
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Prologue: In the End and Chapters 1-3

• Lucy is a dog whose owner just died. She is very sad about it and decides to deal with the grief by pretending that Lizzie is just at college.
• Lizzie wakes up on a boat with Thandie. Thandie has a large hole in the back of her head. They go to find some food.

• They meet Curtis, the lead singer of Lizzie's favorite rock band, who says he just died of a drug overdose. Thandie says she was shot in the head.
• Lizzie refuses to believe that she is dead. She goes back to her bunk to sleep and prays for her mother to wake her up.
• Lizzie gets an invitation to her own funeral. She watches it from the Observation Deck. She sees Curtis who went to his own funeral.
• Lizzie has to admit that she has died. She was...

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