Ellen Foster Character Descriptions

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Art teacher

This character notices the bruises on the main character.

Aunt Betsy

The main character's aunt. This character is willing to have the main character stay with her for a weekend, but ultimately won't help the main character.

Aunt Nadine

The main character's aunt. This character a self-important, selfish phony who treats the main character as if she is beneath her.

Big lady

A large, strong, African American woman who comes to the main character's rescue.


This character is ten-years-old, still wets her pants, and is a spoiled only child.

Dora's mama

The main character lives with this character for a short period of time and this character only gives the main character white paper for Christmas.

Ellen's daddy

This character is a self-destructive, abusive alcoholic.

Ellen's mama

Unable to stand life with her husband anymore, this character commits suicide.

Ellen's mama's mama

This character is...

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